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  1. Kitsey

    Certified nursing assistants not welcome!

    Um...no. I am a CNA and do not feel I need to be included on a forum for nurses. I am not a nurse. Not to be rude to anyone (and again, I AM a CNA) but we don't really have to know much at all to pass the simple tests to earn our certification. Nurses go through hell to earn their degrees. And I in no way feel like we are the backbone of nursing. O-o
  2. Kitsey

    holiday pay

    If you work the holiday you get double time and a half. If you don't work it, you get paid based on your status. Full timers get paid 8 hours, 3/4 timers get 6 hours, 1/2 timers get 4 hours, etc.
  3. Kitsey

    do you wear a watch?

    I carry my phone because I use it instead of a watch. I suppose my LTC has no good staff then because all of us, including the nurses, have their phones on them. Today I used it to take photos of the baby birds outside our unit to show the residents who can't see up into the nest. The residents and their families enjoyed seeing that. As for vitals, I never asked why we don't. I was surprised when I started because during clinicals we of course took vitals quite often.
  4. Kitsey

    do you wear a watch?

    Nope, in my LTC we do not take vitals. I carry my phone, but I am not supposed too :*
  5. Kitsey

    no more alarms for fall risks!

    Yup, our new plan is to go around with the nurse at bedcheck and just pick everyone up off the floor and tuck them back into bed right before nightshift comes. Also considering buying everyone those socks with little jingle bells on them, you know...as Christmas gifts... (I do hope everyone can note my sarcasm...)
  6. Kitsey

    one of those nights

    lol-this is us just about every day. 1 dementia unit. 2 1:1's, and 3 aides. You do the math!
  7. Kitsey

    no more alarms for fall risks!

    We are going through this at my facility as we speak. The goal is to be alarm free by the new year. They have started taking away alarms from the ones who are less of a risk. Now we have residents getting up and self transferring because we have no warning. I've worked with one woman for over 3.5 years and in that time she hasn't fallen once. Welp, guess who fell 2 weeks ago? Wonder how long she was on the floor before rounds were done and she was found? What we are being told, is that State knows and expects falls to increase...BUT, the facility will be fined less for those falls. And yes I am being serious. So I guess it doesn't matter that we are going to have a ton more falls, just as long as it costs the facility less. We are constantly running short, there is no way in hell we will be able to keep an eye on everyone. We *run* for alarms multiple times a shift, and have prevented many a fall because of it. Now I guess we'll just call the nurse to come asses everyone before we scoop them off the floor again.
  8. Kitsey

    Shocked with my CNA clinicals.

    I would say yes, that is how it really is. Sometimes you just have to use what you've got (and I am not saying this is RIGHT, but I am saying this does happen in real life). In my unit we haven't had any male body wash to stock rooms all week, so we have been using baby shampoo or even hand soap, because that is ALL we have. Our facility doesn't even have conditioner, we aides buy it with our own money for the few residents with longer hair. You will see a lot of the 'just get it done' attitude because most of the time we are so rushed and frazzled we simply don't have time to do things the way they should be done. I never thought I could end up this cynical, but 2 years as a CNA in a LTC can totally break you.
  9. Kitsey

    Would it be safe to continue as a CNA while pregnant?

    I can't speak from personal experience, but my coworkers who have been/are pregnant work right up until their due date. In fact, one of my coworkers is due this Friday and she is scheduled for work Thursday.
  10. Kitsey

    Body modifications and elderly people.

    Most of the CNAs at my LTCF have tattoos and many have helix or nose piercings, gauges, etc. I've never heard anyone mention them, and they don't need to be covered. I did need to cover my helix piercing with a bandaid for clinicals, but that was the school policy.
  11. Caller ID I never answer my phone if I don't want extra hours.
  12. Kitsey

    Quick Question..

    They can mandate at my facility(WI). Normally it would be the person with the least seniority who gets stuck being mandated for the next shift, but I haven't seen it happen to much. Normally someone volunteers to stay or they work short. Now, getting mandated for a weekend shift happens almost every week. For that, people must be mandated by Wednesday and they take turns running through the staff so it's not always the same people.
  13. Kitsey

    Burnout: getting through the shift

    I've been a CNA for a year and a half and my personality has changed drastically. I dread my job, sometimes I cry when I get up to go in for my shift. It's constant stress. Away from the job I am moody and every little thing annoys me. I never felt like this before becoming a CNA. I'm exhausted, in pain most of the time, and all I want to do is be left alone and sleep all the time. I lost weight when I first started the job, but then I gained most back because the way I get through the shift is to tell myself I can go grab some Mcdonalds when I get done at 11:15pm and do nothing but sit on the internet all night. I'm too tired to cook, heck, I'm too tired to climb the steps to my apartment when I get home. I know I'm moody and feel awful when I am short with people outside of work, but I can't force myself to stop dreading my job. :/ I too wish I knew how to make it better.
  14. Kitsey

    False vitals data???

    I'm glad we don't take vitals at my LTCF. We didn't even learn to take blood pressure in my class.
  15. Kitsey

    Anyone NOT feel like they got hit by a truck?

    It's my one day off and I'm sitting here with a back pain patch on. I'm exhausted all the time and I can barely put weight on my feet every morning. I don't remember what it's like not to be in pain all the time and I've only been doing this 17 months.
  16. Kitsey

    Does your employer provide a gait belt?

    My facility provided gait belts if you didn't already have one, and it was part of your uniform. But then last year they decided we are NOT to carry gait belts, but rather each resident would have one assigned to them and kept in their room. Major pain in the butt I tell ya.