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  1. Sally Lou

    CNA night shift??

    It's not easy. You will be picking up the slack of all the things that the 3-11 shift didn't do. It will screw with your sleep schedule. I haven't worked since Oct and here i am at almost 2:30am still wide awake.
  2. Sally Lou

    Home health problem

    I encounter a creepy old man doing home health. He was always saying things and trying to grab me. Of course, he did none of this when the family would come into the room. When i first called the agency i was working for a told them the response was to "keep away" from him. Umm, i'm supposed to do that how? When i have to feed him and provide him with ADL care. I complained more and they finally took him off my schedule.
  3. Ditto going in person. I would go in the morning. A good time of yr to apply is right around the corner. July/August is considered the best time of the yr to apply for CNA jobs. My last job i applied in the end of June, and they called me a wk later.
  4. Sally Lou

    Post-Mortem Care

    This is what scares the daylights out of me. Two of my clients are DNR's. ((((hugs)))))
  5. Sally Lou


    Wow! Do you know if they are state funded?
  6. Sally Lou


    The group home probably pays for the training. I was med trained @ my previous job (residential school).
  7. Sally Lou

    Freaking out! possible patient safety issue

    Bolded: And if they find out later that you knew something and didn't tell them? HUGE reason not to trust you. Telling them this info IS reason to trust you. If you don't say anything and this CNA does this again, what happens if someone is seriously injured or killed? I wouldn't be able to live knowing i could have prevented it. In my old job (residential school) we were able to do incident reports w/o putting our name.
  8. Sally Lou

    CNA-Can u become a CNA w/o going to a training program?

    Are you getting unemployment? If you are, find out if they will pay for the training. I know here (in MA) they will pay for full-time training for most classes.
  9. Sally Lou

    Red Cross or LTC training

    I did the Red Cross class. They can't guarntee employment. They don't do job placement. You can use your instructor (make sure to ask first) as a referrence. I would be concerned about why the LTC is under investigation. You also need to think about why people hire frequently for some places, the turn over rate is high for a reason usually. Yes, it is documented. It's also on the paperwork you send in to the state when you get you liscience through them.
  10. Sally Lou

    CNA class while 6-7 months pregnant?

    We had a girl in my CNA class (at the red cross) who was 6 months pregnant. The Instructor told her that if she didn't feel comfortable doing any of the transfers or lifting to let her know.
  11. Sally Lou

    No HS diploma or GED, but is a CNA?

    You don't need it in Mass. You just need to be at least 16 yrs old and be able to pass the reading assesment.
  12. Sally Lou

    MRSA in the nares

    To protect the patients who have open wounds. My husband has been in and out of the hosp more times then i'd like to count the past 2 yrs. This last time he went in, with a barely open wound, it was infected with MRSA. They swabbed it when he went in for that surgery and there was no MRSA there. We'd been having nurses come into our house to do the dressings and deal with the picc line. I have NO doubt that one of those nurses picked it up somewhere and gave it to him. btw, It cost him his leg up to his calf.
  13. Sally Lou

    Bring my own patient??!!

    Wow. Our instructor told us we couldn't use a classmate (or anyone we knew who had taken the class within a certain time frame) for the state testing on the first night of our class.
  14. Sally Lou

    Bring my own patient??!!

    Thats how it's done here too.
  15. Sally Lou

    Med Aides?

    I did the class at my current job, a private residential school for children who have handicaps or behavioral problems. It was kinda a combo of the short/long that coffeemate described above. It will do me absolutley no good though once i'm done with the ARC class in July. In MA it's illegal for CNA's to pass med's (unless you are the CNA-RP, CNA responsible person: usually in a nursing home).
  16. Sally Lou

    IV Placement on Deaf Child

    Not when communication is a basic right as a patient and thats how this child does happen to communicate. To the OP: As a last resort would the mother consider some sort of peccs book? It's a book or computer that has the child's most used words so the need to use his hands would be less. He could have a book with words/pictures that are lamanted and velcro'd on. I work at a school with handicapped children. My classroom has most of the children that are non-verbal and thats what we use.