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    Hosptial, LTC or Agency...

    I'm doing home health with them. They aren't established enough (new franchise-8 months) to get people into hospitals/LTC yet.
  2. Sally Lou

    Hosptial, LTC or Agency...

    Agency. LOVE it! It's much more flexible then LTC. You develop more of a closer bond with your clients. 12.50/hr . I'm asking for mileage this wk. I figured my mileage for back and forth several times a wk (sometimes several times a day) and it's ALOT!
  3. Sally Lou

    LTCF vs Home Health?

    I'm currently working in home health. I have 5 clients a week, the hours i see them vary. The reason why there are so many HH jobs? Most clients are only 1 hr visits. I was started at 11.50/hr. I'm making 12.50/hr now. The good stuff: It's much more flexible. You get more of personal relationship with the clients and their families. The bad stuff: The "downtime", the time you have between clients. Issues with clients family.
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    Can I HHA give suppositories?

    If your allowed to pass med's you can do it. Check with the state board of nursing.
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    CNA classes how are they?

    I think you'll do great! It's helpful to have some experience doing medical things already. I did wound changes, iv's (just running the med's morning/night) and lots of other stuff just for my husband....when i added in the skills ( med's, g-tube, oxygen use, seizures) from my job at a residental school being a nurse only made MORE sense. Good Luck!
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    True or False

    False. You get the certification when you graduate. Also, (this depends on the state you live iin, of course) you can work as a CNA before your state test. It's dependant on the facility (and the state rules) if they want and/or can hire you before you take the state exam. Besides, you get a lisence from the state. You are already certified at that point.
  7. Sally Lou

    Has anyone done CNA training through the Red Cross?

    I took the training here. I did the 7 wk part-time night class. It was a great experience.
  8. Sally Lou

    Help - Working two jobs and nursing school conflict

    Go with H1. If working at H2 is not in YOUR best interest it's ok to burn that bridge.
  9. Ditto tencat. She must have CHF. I would question if there was an easier way to do it. Lots of places now have the scale built in the bed or have a portable type scale (looks almost like a hoyer lift) and she wouldn't need to transfer or anything.
  10. Sally Lou

    Under staffing at LTC Facilities

    Wow, i just did some research. I thought all states had to have mandated coverage, only 8 states do. http://nursingassistants.net/2008/01/26/staffing-ratios-each-state/
  11. Could this be considered a hippa violation? If nurses taking pic's of patients is a violation it's only right that patients and family members have that regulation too. Personally, i would have taken the cell phone gone to my manager and shown her (and said it was without consent) then deleted it.
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    CNA appreciation (from a new grad RN)

    thank you :)
  13. Sally Lou

    Questions about CNA schools

    I would check with the state board of nursing. If there is a min on the hrs you need to go to sit for the state exam the 40 hr one isn't going to work. I would not have alot of confidence in a school that only offered a 1 wk class that includes clinicials. There is ALOT to learn.
  14. Sally Lou

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    $12.25/hr for HH Agency. (Central Mass) Cost of living is HUGE thing to consider. Where we've been thinking about moving to in MN the rate is a little over $7.00/hr.....but you can get a gorgeous 5 bdrm house there for under 180K.
  15. Sally Lou

    Transfer your CNA license to another state?

    ditto. Check with the board of nursing for the state. Some states it's only paperwork others it's the cna test.
  16. Sally Lou

    buttocks/rectal care

    buttocks to rectal.
  17. Sally Lou

    A brand new CNA needs advice

    Maybe her parents have a car that handles better in crappy weather??? She called in to let them she was going to be late, thats a he!! of alot better then not calling at all. It doesn't matter how far you are from work if the roads are bad (and the weather was NOT predicted) if someone doesn't feel comfortable risking LIFE/LIMB they should not be made to feel like an a$$ about it. If i had my previous car (rear-wheel drive, and i live in an area that ALWAYS gets slammed with bad weather) and didn't feel comfortable trying to continue driving myself you can bet your a$$ i'd be calling my parents to help me, and i'm 37.
  18. Sally Lou


    You can do private homecare with that lisence. I have it and just started with an agency right after Thanksgiving. If your moving to central mass (near worcester) i'd be happy to give you the name and #, they are a fairly new agency and are looking for people. They hired me and started me the same day.
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    Post-Mortem Care

    This is what scares the daylights out of me. Two of my clients are DNR's. ((((hugs)))))
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    Wow! Do you know if they are state funded?
  21. Sally Lou


    The group home probably pays for the training. I was med trained @ my previous job (residential school).
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    Freaking out! possible patient safety issue

    Bolded: And if they find out later that you knew something and didn't tell them? HUGE reason not to trust you. Telling them this info IS reason to trust you. If you don't say anything and this CNA does this again, what happens if someone is seriously injured or killed? I wouldn't be able to live knowing i could have prevented it. In my old job (residential school) we were able to do incident reports w/o putting our name.
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    CNA-Can u become a CNA w/o going to a training program?

    Are you getting unemployment? If you are, find out if they will pay for the training. I know here (in MA) they will pay for full-time training for most classes.
  24. Sally Lou

    Passed clincal portion:-)

  25. Sally Lou

    CNA Book

    The book i got before my class started: "The Nursing Assistant-Acute, Sub-Acute, and LTC" (4th edition) by JoLynn Pulliam. It comes with a CD Rom and companion website. I got it at Borders for about $47.00