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  1. Starting as a CNA and working your way up the ladder

    The good thing about starting off as a CNA is to see first hand what you would like to do and not like to do in the future. I know some CNA's that went on to become RN's, surgical techs and unit clerks. Best of luck.
  2. CNA questions

    I work in a hospital which I got right out of CNA school and we get tutition reimbursement to continue our education. When interviewing for a job ask about what 'benefits' are available for continuing education. I have friends who worked in nursing h...
  3. New CNA in Philly ; HELP!!

    I live in NY not Pa but start looking at long term care facilities. They normally will hire with no experience. I got a hospital job with no experience but getting a hospital job really depends on the facility. Also, agencies may place you per diem ...
  4. FED UP CNAS!!!!

    Sounds like the admins at that facility are on a major power trip. I wonder if anyone ever challenged that policy with the Dept of Labor! I know I would.
  5. Just got my first CNA job!

    Congrats on your new job.
  6. Don't know if this is legit...

    Sometimes it's best to find a job the old fashion way.....hitting the sidewalk. I would recommend visiting nursing homes, adult homes, rehabs with resume in hand and fill out applications. I work in a hospital and for an agency as a hospital sitter ...
  7. Dumb mistake,help!!!!

    Don't sweat it. I'm in NY and had to get another copy from Prometric. The sheet of paper the certificate is on also has a card on it you can cut out. Like the prior poster said they can always check the registry and your certificate should be good...
  8. What does CNA eligible mean?

    It might mean they will consider someone who has taken the training and is eligible to take the state test but maybe hasn't taken it yet.
  9. Frustrated, need to vent.

    I just did my FAFSA and I got the max on the Pell grant of 5500 and it said I was eligible for a student loan up to 9500. Since I don't plan to go back to school until next September I haven't looked into the payback on the loan. Depending on your s...
  10. Frustrated, need to vent.

    Well 12 grand is a lot of money but they are training you also as a medical assistant and that makes you employable. Most grants you get will not cover 100% of your schooling. Have you spoken to the schools financial department? Are there any long te...
  11. CNA license renewal ?????

    It's different in every state. Contact the Nurses registry in your state and they can give you the answer.
  12. New CNA, not too well at taking insults.

    In my opinion the next time the resident says to you "I'm telling or you're stupid" I would say "Don't worry I will go and have it documented you think I'm stupid and I will document you are not patient and uncooperative" Let the chips fall where th...
  13. Getting fired for reporting bullying

    Unfortunately, you don't have any recourse. Living in a "at will" state they can fire you for anything as long as it isn't discrimination. If it happend to you it will happen to the next person. When applying elsewhere just be honest with them. I ...
  14. Med/Surg is the way to go. You get all kinds of patients.
  15. Transfer my lisence from CA to NY?

    hello. i live in ny. call the nursing aide registry and ask for reciprocity. here is the info. good luck. [color=#192665]new york nurse aide registry ny state department of health - bureau of professional credentialing 161 delaware ave., delmar, n...