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  1. KAPH79

    Newly Certified Nursing Assistant Seeking Advice

    I got the first job I applied for at an assisted living center and about a month before I took the state test.
  2. KAPH79

    What shoes do you wear to lessen sore feet?

    Crocs Specialists...they are super comfortable and my feet never hurt.
  3. KAPH79

    How much homework for CNA class?

    We had to read 2 chapters every night and a study worksheet, with a test the next day. Watch videos too. We had a 4 hr class Mon-Thurs. And clinicals are 4 weeks and we have to pass all of our skills to pass the class. Then...the state test. So lots of tests & reading/skills practice, but I will definitely be comfortable during the state test and caring for residents.
  4. KAPH79

    Why You Rock

    I rock because I will NEVER be like the cna I shadowed tonight for clinicals...wow!
  5. KAPH79

    What do you wear

    I start Monday, we have to wear white scrubs bottom with a white polo shirt. For clinicals, they give us a burgundy apron to wear (I guess to distinguish students).
  6. KAPH79

    CNA rate in Fredericksburg?

    Thanks! :)
  7. KAPH79

    CNA rate in Fredericksburg?

    In the same area, starting my class in Sept. I would also like to know starting salaries. Anyone from the area?