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I am mom of 2 boys going to school to be a RN. I am taking my prereq classes now and hope to start my schools nursing program soon!

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  1. nursingstudent221

    How long after you apply....

    Here in maryland you do not have to take a test for a CNA, all you have to do is pass a CNA class and summit your information. And wait for you license....
  2. nursingstudent221

    when is the best time.......

    Morning.....but I take mine at night/evening
  3. nursingstudent221

    How long after you apply....

    Yea i think that i should have done that. I let my program submit it and everyone has their but 3 people. Hopefully i can call on Monday and see whats going on.
  4. nursingstudent221

    How long after you apply....

    Thank you for your reply. I am too in MD. How long did it take you to get your temporary license?
  5. nursingstudent221

    How long after you apply....

    How long after you apply do you find out if you get your license or not? I applyed for my CNA license and been waiting to see if i got it. I passed the class with an A so i think that i have a really good chance of getting it. So how long did it take to get your license after you applyed? Thank you!
  6. nursingstudent221

    How much homework for CNA class?

    In my cna class we have to read about 3- 5 ch a week and that's all. We do a worksheet of 3 question once a week but not for a grade just for a review. And we have a workbook that we can do if we want to.
  7. nursingstudent221

    CNA and GNA

    Yes I am in maryland. Where would you take the test? Thank you
  8. nursingstudent221

    CNA and GNA

    Hello i am starting a GNA class which i though was the same as a CNA. I got a email for the program talking about the course which to me looks like they are different. The email said: This is a GNA course. It will perpare you to be licensed as a CNA. Then you can take additional testing so you can become certified as a GNA. (CNA=CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT GNA=GERIATRIC NURSING ASSISTANT) I thought that a GNA and a CNA are the same thing just different names. Does anyone know the difference? I looked at some posts on here but am not finding answer. Thank you!
  9. nursingstudent221

    CNA plus pre-nursing

    Thank you doublehelix for you great reply .... i still need a&p 1(which i am in) and A&P 2 before i can apply. It wount puch me back any it will and be a loss of money and very hard taking so many classes. I think that it is good for someone who wants to be a RN to start off as a CNA or at least take a CNA class. again thank you!
  10. nursingstudent221

    CNA plus pre-nursing

    Thanx for your reply....i would be out $800 for the class and have a withdraw the class would be on m and w and sat and sun so i would have to do sothing with the sat A&P class i would be going to school 6 days a week plus a online class.
  11. nursingstudent221

    CNA plus pre-nursing

    hello! i have a big decision to make and wanted some input from other per-nursing students who have maybe been in this place. so i am a pre-nursing student as of right now. i want to take a cna course because i think that it would be good to start off as a cna and so i could work as a cna to get health care experience. i applied for the oct program and was told that i applied to late that i would not be able to get in. so i took math, eng and a&p 1. well i got a call today saying that i was accepted! great new for me but my only problem is that i take my a&p class on sat when i would be in clincles. i was thinking about trying to see if i could get moved into another class which would be 4 days a week. if not i would have to withdraw and have wasted $800(class cost and books)! i don't know what to do me really want to become a cna. today i went out and got all of my shots done (which is very expensive!). i don't know what to do. a little about me. i have two young boys one in school all day and one about to start school half a day, dont work and have a very helpfull husband and mother. so i guess my question is do you think that taking that many class is way to much and i should drop withdraw from a&p and just take my loss. is taking a&p, math,eng and the cna course to much? and is the cna class very hard?
  12. nursingstudent221

    A job in the medical field while in nursing school?

    I think that its a good idea. I am going to work as a phlebotomist so that when i go to look for a job as a new RN i have some health care experidence. I think that it would give you a leg up on finding a job. In my opion they would want someone with some health care experidence then someone with out even though it is possible to get a job without any health care experidence. So if you think that you can work and go to school to get your RN i think it is a great idea. Good luck!
  13. nursingstudent221

    What would you do? neep opinons

    Me personally would wait a year. I have two kids and would have not wanted to miss their first year. I think that is a hard decision because both being with your baby and becoming a nurse is important. Congratulation on your baby! And good luck on making this tough decision.
  14. nursingstudent221

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    Glad to hear you are doing good so far. I am in my 3rd week (go once a week) we been leaning biochemistry. This week we will be talk about ph and bonds more then our first exam! then on to cells I believe. I glad that we learned chemistry because I have never taken a chemistry class. Good luck!
  15. nursingstudent221

    Need help with A&P: Neural Integration

    I dont know if what you are looking for is on there, but it is a very helpful website for a&p and has a lot of information. I would think that what you are looking for would be on there. http://www.histology-world.com/ Hopes this helps!