How many of you practice on your family members?


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As a nursing student you need to practice as much as possible. This is when your "family" comes in handy. :) Have any of you practiced on your family? How do they feel about you practicing on them? Do you tell them you need to practice taking shots or do you just surprise them???


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I haven't practiced any shots but I did practice vitals on everyone I knew and a physical assessment on my kids. They loved it they thought I was playing doctor with them!!

I only practice BP on my family. My hubby would never let me near him with a needle!

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I practiced vitals and assessments too but I knew a girl who practiced inserting a catheter on her husband! :eek:

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I'm with the other commenters so far, only non-invasive practicing was done on my family/friends. I did passive ROM, vitals, and assessment. My husband would have NEVER let me near him with needles. LOL.


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My pregnant sister in law is taking progesterone weekly to prevent early contractions and I've given her the IM shots so she doesn't have to pay a dr visit to have it done but definitely no venipuncture or catheters!


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My boyfriend would throw up. He is a sissy when it comes to IVs lol and hes a big ol tough Marine!


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I have every intention of practicing the non-invasive things on my family. Just last weekend I joked with my parents about disciplining the kids via the invasive things...."oh yea, you don't want to listen?? Let me start an IV." Can you imagine the kids going to school with track marks and explaining that Mom's using them as a pin cushion??

We thought it was hilarious to joke about but we are a demented kind of family. haha

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My mother is an RN. When she was in nursing school back in the late 80's she gave me extra allowance money if I let her practice on me! I've never been scared of needles after that and my mom is the one they come running to when the have a "hard stick" :yes:

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there's that cartoon caption but then there's the relatives are now constantly coming to me for medical advice and I gotta hide from them...I know nothing people, I'm just a student! :blink: