How many men in your cohort?


We had Nursing orientation today and I had my first opportunity to meet my fellow students. It turns out there are only 3 men including me in our class of 45. How many men are in your cohort?


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I think there are 4 out of about 40, but we don't start until Sept 3... Also, it's (L)PN not RN, btw.


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4 in a class of 75. I'm the oldest at 34, the others are early 20s.


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12 males out of 29 (ABSN program)

We had 2 out of 24 to start. Now it's down to 1 in 17...

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We actually were jumbled up a couple of times so my count maybe off, but I believe out of 60 RNs and 60 LPNs there were 6 or us total. And I believe two of them never finished.

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My current cohort has 9 males out of 44 total. My previous cohort had 6 out of 32. Right now, we're a little "heavy" compared to what we usually get as far as males in the classes. A "typical" cohort has 33 students, about 4 of which are males at my school.

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7 out of 39...the seniors ahead of us also had 7 men in about 32. Before I applied to nursing school, I called ahead and asked the school how many men are usually in a class. Normally a good indicator thats it's a "male friendly" program.

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4 out of 30

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About 25 out of 125 are men.


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I had orientation recently and I think there are about 6 men, including me, in my cohort.