How many LPN's had phlebotomy including in their course?

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How many LPN's had phlebotomy including in their course?

I was browsing and noticed some lpn's did not have this training included. I was very suprised. :confused:

I start next monday :yeah:and am hoping that it is included. Will find thursday during orientation

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Yes I had IV Therapy included in my courses. Graduated Dec 09.

I think it varies by state (in the U.S. anyway). I'm in Michigan. In school I was taught how to maintain IV access, hang fluids, calculate drip rates, and remove IVs. I got training through my employer on venipuncture, but only for obtaining samples. I can't start an IV or change a PICC dressing.

I know some lvn programs in california included a phlebotomy course. Course my program didnt which is sad considering it was 31,500 for the tuition.

My RN-BSN program didn't include IV starts or phlebotomy. Ugh!

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Class of '72 here, we didn't have what you have today, but we did need to know how to hang the old glass bottles, calculate drips, understand all IV meds being given to watch for adverse affects, and co-sign and not hang but monitor blood products and we could DC periferal IVs.

I took a 6wk phlebotomy course (different from an IV course) to get certified but years ago I learned how to draw blood and did it in clinic settings, the RN super just taught us.

What state you live will determine what is taught in your program based on the scope of practice in each state. It is extremely varied and here is a link to a list of states and the scope for LPN's pertaining to IV's.

(be sure to check with your BON for any changes):

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No phlebotomy here. We have lab techs who do all blood draws, both for acute care and LTC. 99% of the RNs aren't trained in them either. Some very old school ones, but no current ones.

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I received my LVN training in California in 2005, and phlebotomy/IV therapy was not a part of the standard curriculum. If you wanted it, you had to pay a couple hundred dollars for a 2-day IV therapy course.

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I got my LPN in the state of Kansas and we were told that IV certification could only be obtain after finishing school/passing boards. But I know people in Missouri who had it included in their program, so I think it varies by state.

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There is no phlebotomy training included in the LPN program. But there is a class you can take called phlebotomy. I'm not sure if IV certification would be the same as the phlebotomy certification...clarification??

Either way, my school doesn't offer it so I'll have to find other ways to get IV certified if phlebotomy isn't the same.

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I had IV therapy (phlebotomy) in my LPN program (Community College) and it will add the IV Certification to my license.

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We had IV Therapy I and II. We learned about IV fluids, meds, dosage calculations, drip rates, etc. We had to do one check off of a real IV start on another student in class and could attempt in clinicals if the opportunity came up. However we didn't really have a phlebotomy course. Most nursing programs don't include that skill, it can be learned on the job.

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