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MsTn81 has 1 years experience and specializes in CNA.

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  1. MsTn81

    Length of the LPN program at Hinds

    sorry wasnt trying to post
  2. MsTn81

    NCLEX-PN 85 questions and passed!

    Congrats to everyone on passing!!!! Is there anyway i can get the list of mnemonics??
  3. MsTn81

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    Congrats!!!! I have two weeks left!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:yeah:
  4. MsTn81


    I found dimensional analysis to be very effective for me because i was able to do the conversions in the problem. I couldnt ever remember where to move the decimal. I was glad i learned it.
  5. MsTn81

    Myclassmate is SO irritating!! Ugh!

    well you say at least one try five!!!! I am so serious. Four of them are a little clique. You know people that dont know what they are talking about but try to make other people think they know everything. My friend says i have this terrible look in my face like" would yall shut up" but i actually be thinking worst. LOL The instructors be looking the same way.
  6. MsTn81

    What school are you going to?

    Hinds Community College-Vicksburg, Ms
  7. MsTn81

    Where are you located

    Jackson, Mississippi
  8. MsTn81

    Hinds CC spring09

    I hope you get accepted to and good luck!!!:wink2:
  9. MsTn81

    Hinds CC spring09

    I have heard that Hinds was terrible. That's what everybody says when i tell them im going there. But noone can tell me exactly what it is that makes them worse than the others. Did you attend and if so can you tell me what makes them so terrible to you. I know that the Jackson campus has the worst reputation.
  10. MsTn81

    Hinds CC spring09

    Hello everyone, im starting the lpn program at hinds cc (vicksburg campus) in the spring and wanted to know if anyone else was starting also?