How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?


I'm just curious. Currently in my area we just had a huge snow/ice storm. Its unsafe to drive in this weather. Since I work for the school system so for the last two days I've been off from work, due to inclement weather. However, what is the policy for nurses at the hospitals or other facilities ?

My mom is a nurse, and today she was scheduled 7a-3p. I was worried for her. She told me that she ended up being 2 hours late due to the weather. Of course there was nothing her boss could say, because saftey is first.

So what is your hospitals policy for inclement weather ?

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Our hospital requires all nurses and "essential" employees to get to work on time. We are near mass transit and they open up rooms/beds for people to stay over if need be. They also offer free meals to employees if it's really bad.


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My mother lives on Long Island....during one really bad storm, she called in and said she can't get out of the driveway. Hospital said no problem....they sent a Sheriff over in a 4X4 to pick her up and get her to the hospital to relieve the already exhausted nurses at the hospital (and then the Sheriff drove the off nurse home if he/she needed it!)


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When I lived in the Greater Seattle Area a while back, we had a massive ice storm that arrested the entire area. The hospital I worked for went on lock-down, and we were told to either room-in or stay within walking distance for 3 days until the storm passed. It was quite the experience to see all of my coworkers sleeping on the floor, in extra rooms, on recliner chairs.... especially how the community was so in need of our services (the community came to eat in our cafeteria because we had generator power but the rest of the area was without power for days)... plus, people wanted to use our outlets to charge their cell phones/laptops. I learned that day that healthcare isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle, and we were expected to be the ones to find a way through the storm and then do what it takes to be available for our patients. Pretty cool to be a part if it, actually. Another hospital I worked offered for me to room-in for a week in an empty room because I worked 12 hr night shifts for 6 days straight and my commute was 130 miles round-trip daily. I guess we all need to buy SUV's to make it to work! :-)


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We are required to get to work on time if we are scheduled. I never think about it, I just go, I adjust my departure time accordingly. I honestly get quite peeved at people who think that snow is an excuse not to come to work, if I can manage to get to work in my car (I don't have 4 wheel drive), and you know that snow is coming you should make the necessary arrangements to get to work to relieve your coworkers. It's a team effort and everyone has their part.

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I worked in a LTC, per Deim. I live in the hill towns, (which means it's steep, windy roads downhill) we were hit with an Ice storm. I tried to go to work, as I was going down the first small section of hill my SUV (in 4 wheel drive) began going down hill side-ways. Now, the left side of the road is a mountian, the right side is a cliff. I managed (by the grace of God) to stop my SUV and go back up the hill to home. On the way home, I called work and told them I wasn't making it in due to the mountian roads being sheer ice. As I walked in the front door my phone was ringing off the hook. It was the DON, screaming that the weather was NO EXCUSE to miss work. She wanted to send a taxi to get me. I told her that if the taxi made it to my home, it would not get down the hill safely (besides the State Police had closed the road). When I was able to return to work the next scheduled day, she had written a scathing letter, attached it to pay stubs, letting everyone know that those of us who couldn't make it to work (all 3 of us) the day of the storm were a burden on the rest of the staff. They were suprized when I refused to sign up for more hours and quit.

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So, another question is : Do you think its fair or right for you to be late to work due to bad whether, when the other nurses have made it in the whether ? How would you feels as a night nurse, having to stay over to wait for your coworker to come to work ?

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i put on my 4 wheel drive and go.

we are given a little bit of extra time to get in if we need it but for the most part we are expected to be there on time. there is an inclement weather plan, but most people would rather try and get out and get home than sleep there.

thank god i'm moving back to florida. then i can just have sleepovers during hurricanes instead. ;)


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Very carefully. I got stuck in snow on the freeway once, yeah, that was so much fun.


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I just get in the car and drive. I'm up by 0515 and just leave a bit earlier to get there for 0700.

We have at least three major storms every winter and we just deal with it.


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I take my SUV and go slowly... It takes me about 25 minutes with good weather and I just try to adjust my time when I leave to make up for the bad roads. I choose to live in the country and it is my responsibility to get to work when I am scheduled... I live in Wisconsin and have driven on bad roads my whole life...


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We have to get there on time. No excuses, but they are flexible. In bad weather, we are given hotel rooms to stay at if needed and will be transported to the hospital per the facility's vans, buses, trucks, and whatever else they need. They do want their money, ahem, patients comfortable and safe no matter the nurses safety.

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