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  1. Free access to online journals?

    Hey all,I can't remember how, but I've been told all Wa. State RNs have free online journal access through Wa. State DOH? Can someone tell me how to set this up?Thanks!
  2. A&P at BCC?

    We didn't have cats when I was there. In fact, I can't think of a thing that we DID have besides some lungs, and cow eyes. I've never forgotten those lessons, though. You might hate it, but you learn quite a bit. :-)
  3. WSU Tri-cities or Yakima students?

    Hey there... I went to WSU Tri-Cities. And now I am going there again - for my Masters! Beautiful campus, tight-knit... if that's what you are into, then I would recommend that to anyone. There are not many other schools that are as involved or conc...
  4. Uniform Nurse Care Policies

    I have been doing research about VAP, and trying to help update our policy at our hospital with NEW research - it seems that everything I have found is at least 5 years old. This website you mentioned was incredibly helpful. It was updated just 1 y...
  5. Comparing 3 hospitals-Evergreen, Harrison, and St. Peter's

    I used to work at Evergreen. It was the best job I ever had (besides my current job). I was at Evergreen for 5 years... I only left my job because I had to relocate, but was always told that if I ever wanted to come back, there would be a place fo...
  6. Working as a stripper AND a nurse

    Well, let me be honest... I personally would never consider it. Your patients come from all walks of life and from near and far. So do your patrons at the place that you strip, and that could prove to be a dangerous combination. Suppose a patien...
  7. Math on the NCLEX exam

    I just took the NCLEX on Monday (I passed! Yay!) I didn't get a SINGLE math question on the entire thing. A girlfriend of mine took it the same day, and she got 2 math questions. Both had simple flow rate calculations involving ml/hr. She said...
  8. OMG I may have a nervous breakdown...

    Good grief. That is the worst thing I have EVER heard. That doesn't sound like nursing school... that sounds like prison. When I started nursing school, they told us that we are a family and that we have to pull together and help one another get t...
  9. How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?

    When I lived in the Greater Seattle Area a while back, we had a massive ice storm that arrested the entire area. The hospital I worked for went on lock-down, and we were told to either room-in or stay within walking distance for 3 days until the sto...
  10. What's the saddest thing you've seen in your career??

    I think the saddest thing I've ever seen in my career was a patient that I had that passed away on the Oncology Wing I used to work at. He had never had children, never married, and had no living relatives. Working in Oncology, after a while, the s...
  11. nclex day countdown time!

    Oh my gosh... me too... I am taking mine in 6 days. I am up late.... I was starting to fall asleep and then I started thinking about lab values. Over and over and over... they just keep popping in my head and I started thinking, "do I really need ...
  12. any experience with Evergreen Healthcare or Virginia Mason?

    Hey there... I worked at Evergreen for 5 years (prior to completing nursing school) but I worked on the floor as a CNA/HUC. Best experience ever. Honestly. It was an excellent employer, and all my friends still work there even though I left 2 year...
  13. Microbiology Winter 2008

    Hmmmm... How was Micro difficult for me? Well, it's a lot like the memorization from A&P, but it's for stuff that you can't visualize like you can body parts. It might turn out to be easier for you than it was for me, but my best advice to you ...
  14. Applying to Nursing School Blues

    Keep your head up! You have better chances than you think. I was just about to give up when I got accepted. Whatever you do, DON'T ever give up. A lot of my friends out here in Washington State just gave up, and they've never forgiven themselves.
  15. Every semester, I did this... I got progressively better and better... until last semester I did my best ever! Good luck to you!