How do you make money not working duruing school?


So I'm currently taking prereqs and staring down the gun of 2-4 years of nursing school, a place where you are fiercely advised NOT to work.

I have been saving fiercely and hoping for selection in a CC nursing program, in hopes of being able to keep a roof over my head once I dive in.

So, for those of you don't have mom & dad or a rich spouse, how are you making ends meet while you get through school?


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It is possible to work full time while in nursing school but it is very hard and not recommended obviously. You can work part time and the best way to do this seems to be working all of your weekly hours over a single day or two. I don't know your financial situation or your monthly needs so working part time might not even be enough money anyway. The only other option I can think of is loans.

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I'm not in nursing school yet but my plan is that my husband's job pays our living expenses while I'm in school. It'll be tight, but we should be able to make it. I'm working half-time now and saving as much as I can - it won't pay for everything but every little bit that I save helps. I would like to stay working on-call when I start school, but don't know that I will be able to. I also plan on applying to scholarships and seeing what financial aid I qualify for. I will have to take out some loans to complete the program but I'm okay with this.


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I planned to work part time, but my boss refused to be flexible with my schedule, and I had to leave my job. I am a veteran, and I qualified for a program that paid for books, tuition, all school-related and expenses, and paid a small stipend. It wasn't enough to take care of me and my family (then I was married and I have a son), and my ex-husband didn't work (long story). I ended up having to take out student loans to get by to cover some of the rest of the expenses.

I'm sure you're already cutting expenses as much as possible. If you can, rent a room somewhere during that time to keep things on the cheap. I know there have been posts here over the years about how to survive on very little income during school.

Good luck!


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I worked all full time throughout my pre-reqs (over 16 hours of school and work 5 days a week) and I continue to work while in nursin school (overnight then I go to class in the morning). Some can deal with that schedule others cant but i still maintains a 4.0 in my clases. It's very doable you just need to manage your time well


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So, are you like one of those people who doesn't need to sleep? Lol - I mean how do you even get your studyin done?!


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I took my pre-requisites one or two a semester while I worked full time and did well with that. I also worked full time while attending my LPN program. It wasn't easily and I luckily had a supervisor who let me be very flexible. I got a lot of my hours in on the weekends. And I know several people who have gone back to school and are working through their programs now. Mostly, nurses going back choose a weekend program at work where you work 16 hour days Saturday and Sunday and have off through the week to study. Like I said, not easy...but do-able.

Certainly makes your cherish getting to sleep in, I can tell you that.


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So, are you like one of those people who doesn't need to sleep? Lol - I mean how do you even get your studyin done?!

Haha well I'm a traditional college age student and I don't have a means to pay for everything without working, tuition car etc. I like to think at a certain point you reach a certain level of professionalism and "just do it". Everyone has their reasons for why they can't do this or that and it's important to remember there are others taking on the same thing you are with plenty more to deal with. As for studying and sleeping I accomplish both whenever I have the time to do so.

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I work in a residential program and have been able move three of my shifts to overnight sleeps. So i will be able to stay full time while only working two shifts a week. It pays less to sleep but better then not working at all.


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Well, a really surprising number of people have posted here about making good money working as "cam girls" ... :rolleyes:

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I worked full time while in school. I know schools encourage you not to work but that just isn't feasible for some people. It's hard to do but, it can be done.

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I worked.