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WanderingWilder is a ASN and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. WanderingWilder

    Finished with nursing/do I get half my money back?

    How much you get back will depend on your school. They all have different policies. There should be a calendar with add/drop dates and refunds on your schools website.
  2. WanderingWilder

    Two 13-week travel assignments, at once - feasible?

    Stipends are tax free because it pays for housing, the second stipend wouldn't be paying for your housing (since the housing is already paid for by the first stipend) which is why it isn't tax free.
  3. WanderingWilder

    Castle Branch?

    I did use castle branch, but I didn't have to do fingerprints for school just the background check. I did have to be fingerprinted for my nursing licence though and I mailed them in to the board. Its most likely a requirement of the hospital you will do clinicals at that fingerprinting be done, they are all different.
  4. WanderingWilder


    I have a cardio iv and a classic iii. I actually like the classic iii better. I can hear as well as with it as I can with the cardio iv and but its lighter. You can take the diaphragm off of the bell side to make it a traditional bell just like with the cardio iv. I'd save the money and get the classic iii.
  5. WanderingWilder

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    Then tell her that, next time it happens say "I'm not very touchy with people I don't know well, but hopefully we will get to that point" say it with a smile and it shouldn't hurt feelings.
  6. WanderingWilder

    Messed up and the end of career path.

    Have you looked into clinical teaching jobs? There is a larger need for clinical instructors then lecture instructors because of the ratio requirements. What about any openings in the hospital for educators, teaching orientations? 12 days in a row is a crazy amount of hours. Can you move to a cheaper area to live in so you don't need to work as many hours? At this point you don't have time for a life and that is no way to live. I hope you are able to find something that works for you.
  7. WanderingWilder

    When to change name (marriage)?

    If you two are so sure that you want to get married that you are ready to change your last name now, can I suggest getting a "courthouse" type wedding and then you can plan a big wedding later. It will be much easier to change your last name with a marriage.
  8. WanderingWilder

    Had a horrible weekend...

    It wasn't just your mistake, it was the MD's and the pharmacy's too. We are the last person before the medication gets to the patient but its on the team to catch these things. At my hospital any thing that requires a central line has a red sticker on the package that says central line only. Might be something to suggest. Its a mistake anyone could make.
  9. WanderingWilder

    Commuting to clinicals from 1 hr away??

    I was an hour and ten minutes away from clinical and classes, four days a week. You get used to the drive. I now work at a hospital that is an hour and ten minutes away from where I live. The drive to work isn't bad but man the drive home after a 12 hour shift sucks.
  10. WanderingWilder

    Trigger Warning!

    I think the idea of giving a warning is stupid. On the other hand the idea of political correctness just used to be considered being polite and having manners. People should know their audience and know a person well enough to decide if this is a conversation you should be having in the environment you are in. The constitution protects you from government intrusion into your free speech. It doesn't prevent one person from telling another how they feel about their opinion. Most people who hate "political correctness" otherwise known as "being considerate of others", just want to be able to tell everyone what they think but don't actually want to hear what others think about the given subject and when they get push back, cry about their free speech being violated.
  11. WanderingWilder

    New nurse struggling

    I started on the float pool too and discovered pretty fast it wasn't for me. When I saw an opening on med surg I talked to my supervisor, she was very supportive and I was able to move. I felt bad, but she said that they want the nurses to be happy and to stay. The hospital spent a lot of money training you, seems like it would be in their best interest to help you find a place that made you happy vs you taking your new training to another hospital. Don't let a verbal contract keep you from trying. Worse they can say is no and then maybe you will need to look at switching hospitals if you want off the float team.
  12. WanderingWilder

    In and Out Privileges

    Our patients aren't allowed to leave the floor for liability reasons. If they want to go they have to leave AMA. Anyone who is safe to ambulate independently is free to walk the hallways on their own. For longer term patients we sometimes will take them outside but there has to be a staff available to do it and its not realistic for everyone. We sometimes have people for weeks or months but nothing like what you have.
  13. The instructor could have handled it more professionally for sure. No you wouldn't lose your licence for being late to work, you might lose your job if it happened enough but not your licence. You already know you shouldn't have emailed her, but I'm not surprised she did accept driving your sister as an excuse for being late. Nursing instructors don't even accept it when its your own kid. We were told during orientation to have a back up plan to our back up plan for our kids. Don't be late again, plan to be early to make sure you are never late again. Don't make the same mistake twice and you will be alright.
  14. WanderingWilder

    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    Clinical is about learning to work as a nurse and function as part of a team. Part of that is letting your team know that you are off the floor or not available for patients. I understand what you are saying, yes the aide and nurse are still responsible for the patients, but if i do all the tasks and the aide does theirs how does the student learn? It can't be both ways either they need to at least let me know that they are off the floor or otherwise not available for the patients or I can't leave things for them to do and then they will learn nothing.
  15. WanderingWilder

    Hep B Vaccine Question

    No reason to be scared, not everyone comes back as neg as an adult. If you do talk to your school you may be able to do clinicals as long as you have started the series.
  16. WanderingWilder

    Care plan Risk for CVA?

    I'm pretty sure that risk for cva is not a nursing diagnosis. Risk for impaired tissue perfusion maybe....or decreased cardiac output.