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  1. WanderingWilder

    Trigger Warning!

    I think the idea of giving a warning is stupid. On the other hand the idea of political correctness just used to be considered being polite and having manners. People should know their audience and know a person well enough to decide if this is a conversation you should be having in the environment you are in. The constitution protects you from government intrusion into your free speech. It doesn't prevent one person from telling another how they feel about their opinion. Most people who hate "political correctness" otherwise known as "being considerate of others", just want to be able to tell everyone what they think but don't actually want to hear what others think about the given subject and when they get push back, cry about their free speech being violated.
  2. WanderingWilder

    Hep B Vaccine Question

    No reason to be scared, not everyone comes back as neg as an adult. If you do talk to your school you may be able to do clinicals as long as you have started the series.
  3. WanderingWilder

    Care plan Risk for CVA?

    I'm pretty sure that risk for cva is not a nursing diagnosis. Risk for impaired tissue perfusion maybe....or decreased cardiac output.
  4. I've never seen a job posting in my area that required accreditation and as a new grad I've looked at a lot of job postings recently. I had no problem getting a job and neither did anyone else from my class.
  5. WanderingWilder

    RN tells my mom that I don't need to take pre-requisites to become a nurse

    There are 4 year BSN programs that will admit you without pre-reqs because you take them during the first two years of the program with the actual nursing classes not starting until the 3rd year. Most 2 year schools require some classes to be done before being admitted to the nursing program. So if your question is "do ALL schools require pre-reqs?" then the answer is no some don't. You know what your school requires so why care what the nurse or your mom thinks? Just keep doing what you need to do to get in.
  6. WanderingWilder

    Travelling before or after NCLEX

    Take the NCLEX right away, then you can enjoy your vacation.
  7. WanderingWilder

    New grad programs in MA

    I second this. I don't know how far you are from the NH border but Portsmouth and Rochester hospitals hire new grads.
  8. WanderingWilder

    Rant. Questions are killing me!

    If you call the provider they are going to ask you why the patient doesn't want to do the treatment. You need to find out the why before calling them, because what are they suppose to do about it if they don't know the why. They aren't going to come to the floor to find out. I get the questions suck and are vague but the nclex is written the same way and you can't challenge those questions so you have to learn how to answer them.
  9. WanderingWilder

    Rant. Questions are killing me!

    When I had questions that I didn't have a clear answer to I would ask myself what is it that they want to know that I know. This question specifies a Native American. So they are looking to see if you know that Native Americans may not follow traditional medicine. Answer D does not relate to culture but question C does. The answer is almost never going to be to pass the responsibility to another person, so always really think it through if that is the answer you want to pick. Whether its to call a doctor or a case worker, there is usually something that you are going to do first.
  10. WanderingWilder

    Nurse Staffing Ratios Up for Public Decision? Ballot 1 in MA

    In your example where you have four "light" patient and a coworker has three "heavy" patients you say with this bill the only option is for the nurse with the "heavy" patients to take the new admit instead of allowing you to take 5 to help out. This situation is easily remedied by not assigning all the "heavy" patients to one nurse and giving the other nurse four "light" patients, three that are being discharged. If the co-worker had two heavy and two light patients and you had two light and one heavy you could take the admit and still have a 4:1 ratio.
  11. WanderingWilder

    I can't do it all (mom rant)

    Is it possible he has a learning disability? Sometimes these things aren't obvious. I'm not sure how testing would work through the private school. Its something to consider. Hopefully you get support from the school.
  12. WanderingWilder

    Teen Pregnancy

    Peer pressure and access to contraceptives
  13. WanderingWilder

    Getting pregnant during last semester or during new job?

    I get the baby fever thing. I feel like your age here makes a difference in my opinion. If you are young in your 20s I'd wait till school is done because you have no idea what pregnancy will bring you. You could have a great no complications one or you could be throwing up for 9 months (this was me) or deliver early. If you are in your 30s and you are worry about fertility go for it now. You can always finish school but there is a clock on baby making. I remember the pull to have a baby, its real and hard to ignore, but i think you will be able to enjoy that newborn/infant stage more if you aren't trying to go to nursing school at the same time. Its hard to not have the time you would like for your children.
  14. WanderingWilder

    New Grad Float

    I'm a new grad on a float team. I'm almost done with my orientation which is ten weeks long. I'm not sure how much I'm going to like it. Even during training it was hard to leave the group of people that I'd gotten to know to switch floors and train else where. I'm looking forward to seeing what the different floors hold and want to give it six months to see what I like and then try to get a position on one floor. Most of the new grads at this hospital are hired to the float team.
  15. WanderingWilder

    Previous Clinicals did not prepare you?

    Yes going from semester 2 to semester 3 was a culture shock. The expectation at the end of 2 was no where near where we were expected to be at the beginning of 3.