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BBboy has 2 years experience and specializes in PICU, CICU.

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  1. BBboy

    how to survive acute psychiatric ward placement

    For me personally, I've spent about 2 years in the mental health settings prior to working in a hospital so communicating with someone that would be found in a setting such as a psych clinical wasn't too difficult. It really is all just about therapeutic communication. Try to maintain an amicable nurse-patient relationship, he a positive individual. Honestly you should, for the most part (as you know there are exceptions in the psych field), approach this clinical as you would other clinicals. The only things I had to refrain from was sharing personal information
  2. BBboy

    License number posted but "pending", after NCLEX-PN

    If you've waited 24 hours you've passed. I finished in the minimum as well and got the good pop up after 20 minutes. After copious amounts of research I found that people garnered false results because they may have checked too early and the 2nd check on their exam (the exam is scored twice within 24 hours) reversed their results. That's why some people who got the bad pop up passed and those who got the good pop up failed. My license wasn't posted to my BON until Tuesday this week as I took it last Friday. My license was on pending status once I sent in my license application though and was pending until Tuesday
  3. BBboy

    Made a big mistake (CNA)

    OP I am 23 but was a CNA for about 3 years before becoming a nurse. I work with many travel nurses who are agency employed at my hospital and it is important that when you search for jobs that you don't burn bridges at your current/most recent. Agencies will do their best to find you work but ultimately it can come down to your most recent references. I understand that you had given them foresight of your needs but the abrupt withdrawal of yourself may have left a bad taste in their mouths and in turn a bad reference. Then again they may not have spoken to your past facility yet or they may have even decided to go with somebody else
  4. Don't listen to your instructor. During my first hospital rotation my instructor pulled me aside and made me redo an additional clinical day by myself because she wasn't so sure about me as I was taking on a higher patient load than she wanted and wasn't too knowledgeable about medications at the time. Flash forward to now and I'm an LPN after finishing the NCLEX in 40 minutes in the minimum and will sit for my RN boards this December after graduation. I will say that I'm a completely different student and nurse from where I was at that time but it just shows with time that you can prove anybody wrong
  5. ATI sucks in my opinion. Gave me a 30% chance of passing the NCLEX and I passed it in the minimum amount of questions in 40 minutes. I graduate and sit for my NCLEX-RN in December
  6. BBboy

    Part Time CNA Full Time Nursing School

    I work part time nights while being full time in nursing school (entering my third quarter). It's difficult because I offen leave work then go directly to class or clinical (sometimes I have to leave work early even to make it on time as the destinations are pretty significant in distance) but I just suck it up and make do because that's the only way I can financially support myself. I've also had the best GPA's achieved this far while in nursing school (3.95), just study when you can. More people work during school than you'd imagine
  7. BBboy

    I just failed my first Anatomy lab practical.

    You said it yourself, being sick cut into your study time. Anatomy practicals are pretty straightforward in that they show whether or not somebody really spent the proper amount of time preparing. Just study more for the next one. If you aren't able to correctly identify the material that you're going to be tested on then that signifies you're not yet ready for the exam
  8. Suck it up buttercup, we've all had to go through tough classes to get into nursing and chemistry is no exception(in my opinion the pre-req I spent the most effort on). Things will only get tougher as time goes on if you get into nursing school, so set the foundation for your resilience now.
  9. BBboy

    Failed Test

    It's not unreasonable, plenty of people fail on hand washing. Not sure about your state or if it's the norm everywhere but handwashing is the first skill for a reason. Not sure how they wouldn't have caught younot rinsing your hands since they watch you like a hawk on the state test but it's always better to excessively wash (I was just able to verbalize hand washing) then to not at all
  10. BBboy

    A & P

    What do you want me to say? Everyone in this day and age is dealing with some sort of grave matter with the circumstances worsening from one person to the next. Whether or not you make the grade is up to you. If you can honestly say using your toughest effort, an honest 100% effort, granted you a D in A&P what's to say you'll show improvement in nursing school? The classes only get tougher and these are classes where you have to apply everything you've learned in the prior and concurrent classes. A&P is literally all memorization, nursing school is about applying the information. Excuse me for scolding you on wanting the bare minimum but what I said still stands, if all you want is a 75% you literally will not make it through an actual nursing class considering a standard PASSING grade is an 80 in any nursing class. What many seem to forget is that these aren't classes to take lightly, these classes are preparing you to take care of real life people in real life situations. I sure wouldn't want someone giving my loved one a 75% effort Oh and don't forget about the students with near 4.0s who didn't get into the programs of their choice because of how compettitive they are. They would kill for the chance to be in your shoes.
  11. BBboy

    A & P

    Somewhere hundreds of pre nursing students are frantically searching for the nursing school you got into. But seriously, don't come into a class trying to get the minimum. 75% won't cut it in nursjng school
  12. BBboy

    How do you learn the material?

    A&P is literally all memorization. How well you do in that class is based on how well you can regurgitate the info youre presented with. You just need to consistently go over the lab material to engrave it in your head as well as the lecture information.
  13. BBboy

    Pre-requisites (A&P)

    say the same thing every time. If you don't meet the requirement for one school look elsewhere, you are NOT bound to one school meaning you can apply elsewhere in which you may possibly meet their requirements. Aside from that is a C good enough? Depends on many factors such as how that program accepts students (points or whatever) and the quality of students or amount youre going against. Without specifics nobody can really tell you, we can tell you that the majority of the time that unless you have a 3.9-4.0 everywhere to offset that C your chances may not be a strong as if you had a 3.7-3.8 overall. And it was mentioned earlier in this thread, getting into nursing school is not the priority for pre nursing students. Showing competency in the pre-reqs is because if you don't have a good grasp on the material prior you most likely won't have a great grasp on the material you'll be presented later as the nclex is the thing to be keeping in the back of your mind. Now it is a cliche to say that everyone does go through things when in all actuality it is true, that's just how life is sometimes. The key thing to remember is how will you adjust to that? Great nurses respond to adversity by adapting and that's something to keep in mind
  14. BBboy

    Taking Anatomy for the second time

    Showing proficiency in A&P is an early indication of whether or not one has the chops to succeed in nursing school. Aside from that A&P is literally just all memorization, you're not going to have to use critical thinking to tell one answer from another. That class pretty much shows who studied and who didnt
  15. BBboy

    Are CNAs being phased out?

    Pretty sure they'd keep the CNA's so that they wouldn't have to pay the LPN price.
  16. BBboy

    How did you get an A in anatomy?

    I took A&P 1 over a summer and A&P 2 over the spring. Got A's because i studied a little bit of the information daily, spent a lot of time reviewing lab material. It's really not difficult at all, just repetition

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