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BBboy has 2 years experience and specializes in PICU, CICU.

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  1. how to survive acute psychiatric ward placement

    For me personally, I've spent about 2 years in the mental health settings prior to working in a hospital so communicating with someone that would be found in a setting such as a psych clinical wasn't too difficult. It really is all just about therape...
  2. Made a big mistake (CNA)

    OP I am 23 but was a CNA for about 3 years before becoming a nurse. I work with many travel nurses who are agency employed at my hospital and it is important that when you search for jobs that you don't burn bridges at your current/most recent. Agenc...
  3. Clinical instructor feels I'm not competent?

    Don't listen to your instructor. During my first hospital rotation my instructor pulled me aside and made me redo an additional clinical day by myself because she wasn't so sure about me as I was taking on a higher patient load than she wanted and wa...
  4. ATI sucks in my opinion. Gave me a 30% chance of passing the NCLEX and I passed it in the minimum amount of questions in 40 minutes. I graduate and sit for my NCLEX-RN in December
  5. Part Time CNA Full Time Nursing School

    I work part time nights while being full time in nursing school (entering my third quarter). It's difficult because I offen leave work then go directly to class or clinical (sometimes I have to leave work early even to make it on time as the destinat...
  6. I just failed my first Anatomy lab practical.

    You said it yourself, being sick cut into your study time. Anatomy practicals are pretty straightforward in that they show whether or not somebody really spent the proper amount of time preparing. Just study more for the next one. If you aren't able ...
  7. Suck it up buttercup, we've all had to go through tough classes to get into nursing and chemistry is no exception(in my opinion the pre-req I spent the most effort on). Things will only get tougher as time goes on if you get into nursing school, so s...
  8. Failed Test

    It's not unreasonable, plenty of people fail on hand washing. Not sure about your state or if it's the norm everywhere but handwashing is the first skill for a reason. Not sure how they wouldn't have caught younot rinsing your hands since they watch ...
  9. A & P

    What do you want me to say? Everyone in this day and age is dealing with some sort of grave matter with the circumstances worsening from one person to the next. Whether or not you make the grade is up to you. If you can honestly say using your toughe...
  10. A & P

    Somewhere hundreds of pre nursing students are frantically searching for the nursing school you got into. But seriously, don't come into a class trying to get the minimum. 75% won't cut it in nursjng school
  11. How do you learn the material?

    A&P is literally all memorization. How well you do in that class is based on how well you can regurgitate the info youre presented with. You just need to consistently go over the lab material to engrave it in your head as well as the lecture info...
  12. Pre-requisites (A&P)

    say the same thing every time. If you don't meet the requirement for one school look elsewhere, you are NOT bound to one school meaning you can apply elsewhere in which you may possibly meet their requirements. Aside from that is a C good enough? Dep...
  13. Taking Anatomy for the second time

    Showing proficiency in A&P is an early indication of whether or not one has the chops to succeed in nursing school. Aside from that A&P is literally just all memorization, you're not going to have to use critical thinking to tell one answer f...
  14. Are CNAs being phased out?

    Pretty sure they'd keep the CNA's so that they wouldn't have to pay the LPN price.
  15. How did you get an A in anatomy?

    I took A&P 1 over a summer and A&P 2 over the spring. Got A's because i studied a little bit of the information daily, spent a lot of time reviewing lab material. It's really not difficult at all, just repetition

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