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  1. Difference between step down and ICU

    The first reply pretty much told it all. But it really depends on the hospital and step down unit. My PCU floor at a very large level 1 trauma hospital takes almost all drips, and vents. Our ratio is supposed to be 3:1 but it's usually 4:1 and occasi...
  2. Nursing school Q: 1 min/1 question?

    I think almost all my tests were one minute per question, maybe a even little less. One minute is more than enough time to answer the question, especially if all or most of the questions are multiple choice. If you do not know the answer within the f...
  3. Accelerated BSN = no life?

    Every person is different, some people are not good at managing their time or feel the need to study and do school stuff 24/7. Others can set aside time every day or week to have fun or spend on other stuff. Yes, ABSN programs are challenging and req...
  4. How to survive Pre-nursing

    When I was in school I did not find my two years of prereqs for my ABSN program to be very demanding or difficult at all. I worked 25-50 hours a week while having 15+ credit hours every semester. I think I found it easy because all of those lower lev...
  5. Advice for men in nursing!

    I dont think anyone has ever pointed out or discussed that I was a male nurse in school or at work. I dont think its even rare to be a male, sure we are still the minority but its definitely commonplace.
  6. Will i get in trouble?

    You need to educate yourself on the transmission of blood borne disease. There is absolutely zero chance you were infected with something from picking up an alcohol swab with a little blood on it. Even if you stick yourself with a needle with infecte...
  7. Background check help

    It all depends on the program, I would set up a meeting with them to talk about it in person when you apply. For what it's worth I knew two people who had a DUI on their records from several years back in my graduating class.
  8. am i worried for no reason?

    Yes, you are worried for no reason.
  9. are ATI's rigged?

    I would be concerned with the program itself. For one it doesn't seem very smart to do all of the exams at the end of the program, you should be completing them near the end of their respective courses. Secondly if you and most of your class are fail...
  10. Input Needed - What brand of scrubs do you prefer?

    Carhartt because they are really durable, have good pockets and don't break the bank.
  11. Fell asleep during clinical.

    I remember in my second semester that there was a student who fell asleep in lab one day and then a couple weeks later fell asleep in clinical, she was kicked out after that.
  12. Hardest class in nursing school

    Pharm and MedSurg I was the hardest for me and I think most of the people I graduated with would agree. The pharm class was a disaster from the start because they changed the curriculum and was taught by professor who had never taught it before. The ...
  13. Drug screen discrimination

    No its not discrimination. She can not provide a urine sample for testing so she has to be tested in another way which happens to be more time consuming and expensive. Its not like the school has any control over the price, why does everyone want to ...
  14. Advice regarding my first failure in my senior year.

    I know it sucks to fail a class and have to retake but its not the end of the world. You are lucky you can retake the class next semester and not have to wait a whole year or even not be readmitted to the program. Tons of people fail a class in nursi...
  15. Thank you card to clinical instructor

    We always got a card and small gift for each clinical instructor we had. But by the end of nursing school and half a dozen or more clinical instructors later it began to rub me the wrong way. Why give a gift and card to someone who is simply doing th...