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How far would/do you commute to school?

I am currently in the first year of a two year 1-1 program. Basically the way my program works is that we do LPN the first year while simultaneously taking the pre-reqs for the RN. We graduate in December and then come back in Sept for the RN year.

I already have a B.A and I was thinking about jumping ship after the first year in order to get my BSN from an accelerated program. The reason I didn't try for the accelerated program in the first place is because I didn't have all my pre-reqs completed and it would have taken the same amount of time to do the pre-reqs as it is taking me to get my LPN. I figure at the very least I can work pier diem as an LPN while I am completing my RN. Anyhow I am looking at a school that is about 1 hour and 15 minutes away by car. I am sure with traffic being what it is in my area that it could be 90 minutes easy.

How far do you commute to school? If you do commute a long distance what toll does this take on you? Do you have the energy to do what needs to be done?

Right now my commute is around 45 minutes, which isn't bad at all. What is bad is that I have to do that commute 4 times a day! I do this four times a day because my schedule totally blows! I go to school for one class in the morning and one class at night 4 days a week. I will never (if I can help it) have a split schedule like that again. Doing one round trip a day isn't bad though. I have recorded lectures so that I could listen to them in the car, but I never do. I enjoy the peace and quiet of the car ride, and the last thing I want to do is listen to lecture.

After I finish my prereqs I will also have the hour long commute but that is where I draw the line.

Both of my parents make an hour and a half commute to work everyday but they take the train/metro so it isn't as tough, but it is still hard on them. My mom sleeps on the train heh.

When I was looking into nursing schools after being turned down once, I looked into anything within 100 miles of my home. Thankfully I only drive 30

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The drive is about 1-hour away without out traffic, about 1hr 30mins with traffic. The state I live in is small so the few colleges we have here have a waiting list that is about 2 to 3yrs long for any program LPN, RN or BSN. I applied to the next state over and got in with no waiting. I want to hurry up get my degree and start working, I'm tired of school. I can't wait until I'm able to come home and not have to worry about reading, studying and falling asleep with my face buried in a book. Just sit back relax and watch a movie.

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guess its nice to know i was not alone. i drove 70 miles one way and had to make the trip about 4x a week (sometimes was 5). did this for 2 years and just graduated a week ago. i think driving is relaxing, so most of the time it was nice. my drive was all interstate driving though. was a strain on our finances with gas being so high.

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I drive about 30 miles each way 2-3x per week. I don't mind it too much. I use my commute time as a time to relax a little bit. I bring my iPod along and listen to my favorite songs. I leave home with plently of time before class starts so I don't have to stress about being late if traffic is bad. Usually, I get there way early and have some time to study before class.

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I had to drive 120 miles one way to an extended campus for a night class!

Luckily the next semester the students at that campus had to drive to my home campus for the night class.

my commute is ~25 minutes each way and i go through one - one traffic light town. since i'm taking classes this summer and the one has a lab that isn't offered at my branch, i have to drive almost 50 miles once a week to take in that class. but it doesn't bother me as much due to the shortened summer session. it won't be too bad. ;o)

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About 60 seconds. And I'm still always late. I have to get it together soon though bc I hope to start my program in August.

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