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    I used the ancp. I applied going into nursing school. Received 5000 at the begininng of the fall semester, 1000 a month even during the summer bc i went full time, then received another 5000 at the beginning of the fall semester of my last year. So in all received money for 22 months to total 32,000 (i did not have to wait and take the nclex or graduate to receive any money). I was obligated for 5 years of active duty. I think its a great program. It does exclude you from applying for the loan replayment thru the military once you come on active duty. Dont forget about the perkins loans. As a nurse you do not have to pay them back, you just have to request cancelation every year for 5 years. Its a great way to get free money toward your education.
  2. Rme4life

    US ARMY Commissioning

    i think you need to give more information. Like what? Fail a PT test, not show up to work? Most things fall under the UCMJ and all the rest usually falls under AR's, Commanders policies, etc. Unless your going in a different direction with this question, I would say, it would fall under the UCMJ.
  3. Rme4life

    Stories from Recent return from being deployed

    not really sure what your asking? an anc officer that is profis will deploy for 6 months but if you're organic to the unit you go for the year. enlisted go for the year. people all experience things differently so yes a new nurse of say 1 year (which is the norm for deploying nurses) who has never really seen trauma up close and personal might not deal the same way as some nurse who has deployed before. you can try and get as much information as you can, train up all you can, but no one really knows how they will deal with the real thing until they are in it. sorry i just worked all night so maybe i should come back and read this when ive had some sleep.
  4. Rme4life

    Recruiters not telling us the truth

    dont be so hard on the allnurses family (or recruiter). the military is rapidly changing. i have talked to someone who went to some class only a few weeks prior to me going and by the time i got there they changed everything. not anyones fault. you have to be very flexable in the military. i hope things work out the way you want. good luck in your military career. p.s. you will meet liars everywhere, civilian side too.
  5. Rme4life

    undecided military branch

    when i was enlisted (army) i had the opportunity to work with all services. yes there are pro's/con's to each, but my pro's might be your con's. when i wanted to come back in as a nurse i knew there was no choice to make bc for me it's army all the way. the recruiters (health care recruiters) for nursing are usually nurses (army side) and they are very honest about being an army nurse. good luck in your decision.
  6. Rme4life

    Becoming a military nurse

    i agree, army all the way. that being said people join for so many different reasons and each branch has its own pull. its not really something that can be answered by others. for example, my husband wanted to join the airforce. they could not give him the job he wanted. this was the most important thing to him. he was not even looking at army but all the other recruiters were out to lunch. the army offered him the job he wanted and that was enough. he has been in 18 yrs and loving it. so the only advice i can give is make a list of what is important to you, and go from there, talk to the different recruiters. Good luck in your decision.
  7. i dont disagree. most are capt or even maj when accepted into a masters program thru the army although i have known 1LT. same with specialty course. it says you can go at 1 yr of service and yet its more like 2-3. there is always a norm and then the exceptions. i just learned the hard way that just bc you dont meet a requirment does not mean you cant request a waiver. sometimes i just take someones words like you must wait 2 yrs and see the chance for someone to put a waiver in. i try to be realistic too. sorry for any confusion on my part.
  8. not really true regarding the crna. they were asking people at my oblc class if they were interested to start getting their packet together bc they are waiving requirements bc they need the people. its all needs of the army and the army will waive any requirement if they need you.
  9. How quickly were U required to take the NCLEX once U graduated from school i cant remember, seems like 60 or 90 days but i waited less than 30 which is why i cant remember. the recruiter can give you the exact numbers. how much of the $10,000 bonus did U receive AFTER taxes,basically i got it all, but i have 4 kids and we lived on E-5 pay. what is the amount of the monthly stipend, and is it taxed also??? I'm strongly considering doing the ANCP program to finish my last year of my BSN d/t the economic crisis... Also, can U tell me what's the likelihood of becoming an Neonatal NP if I go the L&D route in the Army Nurse Corp? Thanks n advance for your help... the army no longer has pediatric nursing as a specialty (they offer l&d, er, cc, perioperative, psych & public heath). you can be a NP or a Midwife or a CRNA or you can apply to er/trauma cns, critical care cns, maternal child cns. hope this helps.
  10. i can try to answer your questions. i hope this helps. What should I expect upon acceptance? graduate, take nclex, get a class date for oblc and the go to your first assignment. If I get my top choice of assignment, what is the likelihood of reassignment later on? you usually spend about 2-3 yrs at each assignment (on average). Any idea what the likelihood of deployment is? they like for new nurses to have 1 year experience prior to being assigned to a profis slot. once you're in a slot you can deploy. What is OBC like? this changes all the time, but basically about 2 months of army training that is a lot of power point. What should I expect my 1st year and the next 2 if I don't sign-on again? they now have the new internship for nursing so you would go to a med center for 1 year and then either stay at that location or be re-assigned to another location. Has anyone served their term and been called back? everyone signs up for an 8 yr committment, so once done with your active time, yes you can be called back even in the IRR, but they have a lot of reserve units that will guarantee a non-deployed status. If I do continue what should I expect--will I be assigned elsewhere? if you stay in you will move. you can stay as short as 12 months and ive known people to stay as long as 8 maybe longer. my longest has been 6 yrs. shortest 2 yrs. I keep hearing that the military makes promises they don't keep??? Any experience w/ this? yes and no. have there been recruiters out there that lie, sure. generally speaking if its not in a contract, then you're taking your chances. things change and so yes a leader might make a promise and then not be able to keep it, but if you have it in writting then you at least have some recourse. I keep hearing from ppl that have been in the military, allbeit non-nursing, that they were lied to??? yes people lie, even in the army. Anyone have any experience with student loan repayment? no, i came in ancp so was paid monthly and then a bonus. How exactly do you receive your bonuses? i received mine direct deposit in my bank account.
  11. Rme4life

    Recruiter Clarification regarding "specialties"

    enlisted and officer side dont always work the same way. for an enlisted soldier, unless its in your contract dont expect to get it. i know for army, i have never met a nurse (officer side) who did not have the opportunity to go to a specialty course. maybe not right away, but within like 3 years so i guess it depends on your idea of what a long time is. most nurses come in as a med/surg nurse. if you have experience you can come in with an identifier, but then you will not be sent to the course. Even if you dont go to a course you can still have the identifier granted. for example if you work the er for x amount of time then you can put in for that identifier. just bc you are a med/surg nurse does not mean that you can not work in other areas. I am a med/surg nurse, came in as a brand new grad and have worked 1.5 yrs on l&d. once again i dont know if this information would apply to you if you're wanting to go into the airforce. i do know that recruiters dont know it all. they cant. they tell you what they think is the answer and yesterday it could have been the right answer but today the wrong one. if you want more information, then push them to get it. there is always a boss and just go over their head.
  12. Rme4life

    Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    Have you talked to branch? sorry you feel that way. i was prior service, came back in with 4 kids and a husband who is active duty in another branch. my assignment didnt go so well, our two branchs didnt work so well together, but I still felt like the ANC and branch worked with me to help me transition back into the army and for me and my husband to get what we wanted. so i guess you could say i just go with the flow, but only bc ive had years of practice (been either active duty or an army wife for the last 18 yrs). I honestly dont know how they are working the assignments now that they have the internship, but i dont see anything wrong with you contacting branch. have you received anything from them yet requested your choices? i tend to be more optimistic, i dont think people try to screw with you, i just think they are over worked like everyone else in the army.
  13. Rme4life

    I GOT THE CALL !!! I'M in the ARMY.. I'M IN THE ARMY

    its a tradition to give the first person that salutes you a silver dollar. the first one you pay for, the rest you earn.
  14. Rme4life

    Recruiter Clarification regarding "specialties"

    i dont know about air force but in the army, once you have been in for about a year, you can request to go to a specialty school. you can normally get a school around the 1.5-2 yr mark (or tdy en route to next duty station so closer to 3). at least this is my experience.
  15. Rme4life

    I GOT THE CALL !!! I'M in the ARMY.. I'M IN THE ARMY

    Congrats. Its always nice to see someone who is excited about serving in the Army. I think its the best job in the world. Good luck.
  16. Rme4life

    Sick and Tired of Waiting!!

    i graduated in may, took the nclex in june and went to the first oblc class in aug. the class date was not officially assigned until i passed the nclex. they just dont do that bc they have to many people that dont pass the first time. i dont think i heard about assignments until like mar it seems like. its one person doing that job so dont be in such a rush, bc even when they give you an assignment now, just like everything else in the army, that can change. there was a few people at my oblc class that ended up with changes to their assignments. but hey this was prior to the new internship program so maybe that made their (hrc) job easier. i guess my advice would be, your prior service, you should know how the army works, hurry up and wait. I think its worth it but if this process is already getting you all worked up, maybe its not the right choice for you. did you enjoy your time in the army?