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How is covid in your area?


Just wondering how hospitals across the United States are doing with COVID. I haven't  read any articles recently. 

My hospital currently has very few active covers. It's a major city in an area that was hit hard this Summer. 

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The Texas Medical Center has about 87% of ICU beds full. That is a vast improvement from July when they were all full and almost all the phase II beds were full. The cases have been coming down since August. Right now we're at levels we were in May before everything opened back up. 

With schools opening back up, I suspect this will be temporary. I hope I am wrong. 

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My RN kiddo just returned from New York.  He was a traveler.  They did not renew his contract which I see as a good sign!

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We had over four covid units during the DFW surge. We are down to two at this time, but numbers are trying to uptick again. Normal flu season for us means people stacked in the halls and a state of emergency every day until it ends so we are pretty wary at this point, watching to see what will happen. People here are only marginally compliant with recommendations for social distancing. Doing better on masks than before but still lots of under the nose habits.


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From Philadelphia Inquirer  10/3/2020

Hospital coronavirus treatment has changed. Here’s what it looks like now in Philadelphia. PA


Currently, the number of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 is low. At the local peak of cases in mid-April, Penn hospitals had more than 300 patients a day, Hamilton said. In September, they averaged fewer than 30. Hospitalized cases have fallen from 225 a day to 25 at Temple and from 220 to 10 at Cooper. COVID-19 patients at Jefferson’s 14 hospitals peaked at around 800 and are now 50 to 60.

Averaging 650-800 new cases/day statewide. Since low COVID hospitalizations, opening up sporting venues with 15% total attendance on 10/9.  Schools starting hybrid instruction this week and next.

Hope everyone stays safe.

We used to have 100 percent occupancy in our hospital PRE covid.  Now our hospital has been around 86 percent occupant. Not many covid. April we had covid. Numbers down since April/ early May.


Glad People are feeling comfortable to come to hospital again.  There was fear for a long time and our e/c was like a ghost town.  

I have had many patients talk about anxiety regarding stress from everything going on. Hopefully in time we’ll hear about covid but also other physical Illnesses(cancer/heart disease /mental illness and etc)

We have a lot of covid in state but deaths and hospitalizations down. 

We had been having very low numbers until recently then this last week had over 500 positives and the hospital is 75% capacity and had to open more covid beds. I work long term care and we managed to be COVID free until recently when a resident was sent to the hospital for what we felt was a prostatitis infection. His PSA was 12. He tested positive for COVID so then we had to test the other residents on that hall and there was 1. So then we opened our COVID wing. No a couple weeks later and short staffed, our medical director tested positive my DON is now positive and an activity staff is positive. We had 2 other residents test positive as well. The staff we were able to get to work on the COVID hall all work the same block, Our nurses are tired. And now the DON is out for 2 weeks..Such Fun.

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We never really got hit hard with covid. Cases are up locally, but not that many hospitalizations. The health care system I work for set up one of their smaller hospitals (like a 50 bed Facility)  to be the covid unit but they’ve been pretty empty. I think our county has had three or four deaths attributed to covid , all were older pts with a laundry list of comorbidities. 

we’re back to pre-covid levels of being slammed with too many pts and not enough nurses. The initial covid fear caused everyone to avoid the hospital, it was like a vacation.

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In the last five days we have had a 300% uptick in hospitalizations for COVID and our county has gone back to the highest level of emergency recommendation. We have had them stacked up in the hallways of the ER with not enough beds for everyone. This has been complicated, of course, with flu cases starting to come in and then all the other things that have returned since lockdown eased - car accidents, on the job injuries, shootings, stabbings, other types of assault, including a large increase in domestic violence cases and mental health crises. 

I am pretty worried. We are back to four Covid units.