48 hours after NCLEX and still no quick result?

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48 hours after NCLEX and still no quick result?

Hi all! I tested Friday at 11:30am EST for NCLEX-RN... It is now 11:48 on Sunday and I still don't have quick results available! Is it just not before 48 hours or can it take longer? I'm freaking out as this is MAJOR! I tried the PVT and got the good pop-up 2, 6 and 24+ hours after testing... What was your experience? Did it take longer than 48 hours to get your quick results??

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Pearson Vue DOES say that the Quick Results option is available 48 hours after completion of the test, so that is where it comes from. That is why we DO say "after completion of your exam"; it is not wrong. Someone who takes six hours to test can well expect their results to come later than someone who takes thirty minutes. Happens, and is reasonable.

However, that does not mean there aren't variables. People have been able to get results as early as 45 hours after completing the test, but IF THERE IS NO HOLD PLACED, you would be able to get it no later than 48 hours after COMPLETION of your test.

A Hold placed upon completion of your exam CAN and sometimes DOES delay the release of your results (via QR, or to your State BoN). The most common length of time for a hold is 24-48 hours. However, 72 hours isn't unheard of, and there's even the anomaly that goes longer than that.

Until a Hold is lifted, Quick Results will not be available.

I think the point to get out of the "48 hours until Quick Results" thing is to not be so hyperfocused on the very minute you finished the test, it's going to make you FAR less crazy to consider it a general timeframe, like CT Pixie said. While it is true it is based on completion time, it's not a guaranteed Atomic Clock kind of definite time.

You will get it when you get it. Breathe. :)

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It's 48 hours from the time you finished the test. Give it a couple more hours.

The 48 hrs is a general time frame. The time it comes up is not dependent on the time you started or stopped your test.

My NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN quick results were both available at times that were neither times that I started or stopped my tests. Many of my friends had their results at the 48 hr mark at a time they hadn't even started their tests, some came up after times they stopped their tests and like me, I had one that showed up in the middle of the time I had started and stopped the test, the other came up a while after the time I had finished the test.

Both my results took longer than the 48 hr mark (from both the start and stop times).

Its now 445pm, they should be up by now.

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Are you certain that your BoN participates in quick results? For example CA does not but I've seen people searching as to why their quick results have not yet posted and they are testing for CA...

I got 132 questions and was done at 10:30am. I tried the PVT and got a pop up that said my results were on hold. It is now 2:00am Sunday morning (01/22/17) and still same pop up, no quick results available, no name on BON website.

One other classmate who got the good pop up hasn't received her results either, but there are other classmates that have that took the exam the same day/time.

One classmate got the "on hold" pop up and found out today that she passed.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?

I passed! It took 6 days for my quick results to become available and I still don't know why.

You mentioned the good popup saying your results were on hold, that isn't the good popup. The good popup says something to the effect of "our records indicate you have recently scheduled an exam...". That is why quick results took so long for you, they probably had your results on hold for up to 72 hours. They can be on hold for a variety of reasons such as finishing too quickly, frequent breaks, palm scan didn't work right away, or even a power issue at the facility itself.

So I took my exam on Saturday thinking I will get my quick results on Monday, it is now Wednesday and still no quick results. PV said that it was like I took it on a Monday and that my results would be ready on Wednesday....no results yet and my test results are on hold. What is the longest time one must wait to get their quick results and can you get them at any time of the day after the 48 hours are up?

Mine took 6 days! I called as well and could never get an answer as to why my results were "on hold" or taking longer than 48 hours.

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