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I've been a RN for thirty four years and for the first time in my life I am being scheduled sixteen hour shifts in a long term care facility. I am the house supervisor and am told this is the norm for long term care. I do everything I can to make it work but these shifts are hard. I work 7a-11p Saturday and Sunday, 3p-11p Monday, Tuesday-Friday off. Thoughts?

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No it is not the norm. You are being fed a line of *&%$#.


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Even 12 hour shifts are not the norm in LTC facilities where I have worked. If they feed you BS about this obvious fact, what else are they going to lie to you about?

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1 hour ago, Skc59 said:

I am being scheduled sixteen hour shifts in a long term care facility... this is the norm...


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Say no.

If their plan would be to fire you I guess they'll need to cover the whole 16 hours instead of just 4 or 8.

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I routinely work 16 hour double shifts, but I am well compensated.  I am given OT/MOT which is either time & a half or double pay.  I probably work 16 hour shifts 3-4 times a week.


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There is a difference between working 16 hour double shifts due to a call-off or some other reason for an isolated (for that day) incident of short-staffing and being regularly, permanently scheduled for 16 hour shifts as a matter of course.  The OP refers to the latter.


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The majority of the weekend staff are scheduled 16 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday. I can't find anything in our state nursing regulations forbidding it. We are all aware of the extensive research relating long shifts and nursing mistakes.I am trying to figure out the best way to approach changing this. I would rather not leave this position.

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Several hospitals (and a few community programs as well) in my area have a Baylor program. You work Friday and Saturday 7a to 11p, and are off 5 days. You are full time and paid the same rate as if you worked 40 hours. It's a good gig for parents, students, etc. You know that is the job you are taking when you take it. 

What you are describing is just a bad deal. 

But it is unlikely that they will give a  ? ? about safety.

If you don't want to quit I suppose you could just tell them no, and see what happens. 

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In our LTAC we work 12s and if they are understaffed for nightshift with no charge sometimes they ask if u can stay a few more hours obviously approving you for overtime. Always understaffed though.

I know the CHS are expected to do more but I don't see it reflected in their hours. Maybe asked to stay a few hours late to finish up when its hectic.

are you hourly or salary?

I thought 16 was legal limit for a shift LOL thats what they tell us at work like we can only stay over 4 hrs


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I am hourly.

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I would be like theres only 24 hrs in a day if im doing a 16 is the night shift CHS after me doing an 8 hr shift? Or do both CHS’s hours overlap by 4 hrs?

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