Hospitals not hiring LPN's???? What's ur input??


I am getting ready to graduate and take LPN state boards in a couple of weeks. I've noticed many hospitals have gone to only hiring RN's. Well, I am going to be enrolling in classes to obtain my RN...but want to work as an LPN in the meantime...what's the deal with some hospitals not hiring LPN's??? And for those that do hire LPN's, what's the average pay in a hospital?

Thanks for any input or advise!!

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I believe the reason my hospital does not hire LPNs is because they don't allow the LPNs to do more than a technical care associate, so they don't see any reason to pay more for an LPN (I'm not agreeing with their reasoning, just explaining it.) We do, however, hire LPNs at our affiliated LTC facilities.


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I heard that Shands in Florida hires some LPN's. I heard they only pay $9 to $12 an hour for LPN's.:crying2:


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Where I am in N Georgia, they arnt hiring in the hospitals


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In my area, Mid-Atlantic, East Coast, haven't had LPNs in hospitals in at least 20 years. They are only hired in LTC now.

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The hospitals in my area (SW Michigan) haven't hired LPNs for several years. LTC is pretty much the only option around here.


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I my area (MA), from what I understand hospitals in Boston will not hire LPNs. You can still find a job in some areas - but that's dwindling as well. Conversely, the long term facility where I'm going through my current clinical rounds, I've only seen LPNs (haven't ran into an RN yet) and according to my instructor, an RN in a facility like that will not be paid any more than an LPN since they'll all be doing essentially the same thing.

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IN my area MN, it depends on the hospital and theiry structure. Most are not hiring LPNs. The ones that do partner the LPN with the RN and they care for a certain amount of pts. I beleive that start around 17$. Mostly,clinics, LTC, some Home Care facilities are hiring LPNs.


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The hospital in which I work stopped hiring new grad LPNs a while ago. Supposedly it is because on an adult medsurg floor there are so many IV push drugs that have to be given by a RN, it becomes almost double the workload. That's what they say, anyway.

They start new grad LPNs at $10.50/hr in my area.

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Very interesting. In Texas, LVNs have a much broader scope of practice than some other states. Although there are certainly a lot of hospitals that have maintained/switched to 'all RN' staffing, there also seems to be a resurgence of good old fashioned team nursing. In this staffing model, an RN team leader works with others (including LVNs) to provide care to a group of patients. The result is bringing more people to the bedside without increasing labor costs.


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Once you obtain your RN you will understand this situation better. LPN's cannot do an in depth assessment like an RN can. They also cannot discharge, admit, or do teaching with a patient as these are all RN duties. Not to mention the technical skills like IV starts. Essentially in a hospital setting an LPN functions as a higher paid CNA. HOWEVER, there are plenty of people who utilize the LPN position. Try a nursing home or home health setting.


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Like others have said, i believe it's due to there limited scope of practice. They can't do admissions, discharges, start IVs, hang blood products, give IV pushes, etc. I know this varies from state to state, but in general, they have limitations.