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  1. HI! I am getting ready to graduate in June and I am very excited to start my RN career but also very scared. I have worked as a CNA for 5 years but never functioned as a nurse on top of that I am only 22 years old. So other than show up on time and work hard, what advice can you give me as I join the work force? What do you like to see in new RN employees? How can I be sure not to screw anything up?
  2. AlexisKJ

    Hospitals not hiring LPN's???? What's ur input??

    Once you obtain your RN you will understand this situation better. LPN's cannot do an in depth assessment like an RN can. They also cannot discharge, admit, or do teaching with a patient as these are all RN duties. Not to mention the technical skills like IV starts. Essentially in a hospital setting an LPN functions as a higher paid CNA. HOWEVER, there are plenty of people who utilize the LPN position. Try a nursing home or home health setting.

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