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  1. dandk1997RN

    If you went to WGU and then on to NP school, where?

    I just wanted to clarify, for future readers, that the program at Samford is an FNP DNP program.
  2. dandk1997RN

    Samford University FNP-January 2014 Start

    Sent you a private message, FL-FNP.
  3. dandk1997RN

    Samford FNP Fall 2015 start

    FL-FNP- I'm trying to gather a few of us together that will be starting the DNP-FNP program in January. I'm going to send you a message.
  4. dandk1997RN

    Samford university RN-MSN FNP spring 2017

    There are two others of us here that I can confirm. I will send you a message as you may not have enough posts to send me one.
  5. dandk1997RN

    Going from MSN Ed to DNP (FNP)

    I had a tough time finding a program like that, so I al going into a BSN-DNP program and just transferring in as many of my MSN-Ed credits as possible. Full disclosure, though, is that I live in NY where the board of ed. severely limits the out-of-state schools I can do online NP programs with.
  6. dandk1997RN

    How do you ask doctors for a letter of recommendation?

    I don't know about the asking a doc thing as I didn't have to do that, but I sent email thank yous to all three people who wrote my recommendations. One had a particularly difficult time because the computers at my hospital don't have upgraded software and she had to try for days and finally did it from home. This happened while I was on vacation and it was under a tight deadline, so I got her a little pouch with a couple nice hand soaps- just a small gift for her tenacity. Finally, when I found out I got in (yesterday) I sent them all another email thanking them for the role they played in helping me get accepted.
  7. dandk1997RN

    If you went to WGU and then on to NP school, where?

    To answer my own question...finished up my MSN-Ed at WGU earlier this year and just found out I was accepted into the Samford University DNP program. So it does really happen.
  8. dandk1997RN

    Samford BSN-DNP 2017

    Me!!! I just got my acceptance today. Can't wait!!!
  9. dandk1997RN

    MSN concentration education

    The larger WGU MSN FB group will not allow you in if 1)You are not actively in the program and 2)doing RN to MSN. They will only allow you in if you have already completed your BSN. So you won't find any helpful info there, I'm afraid.
  10. Just verifying that indeed, the assessment is no longer required of licensed RNs. I got an email saying I needed to do it, but having seen this thread, questioned my enrollment counselor about it. He said they are in the process of changing the verbiage on the website and automated emails. So thanks to the poster who save me a couple hours. :)
  11. dandk1997RN

    Panic attacks triggered by rapid position change

    Disappointed to see nobody has any thoughts on this. Guess it will remain a mystery to me.
  12. So I'm going out on a limb here since I think this is maybe an oddity, but I'm curious if any of you psych nurses have any input on a situation I encountered last night. I'm a cardiac nurse, so this isn't my forte- my only experience with panic attacks is my personal history of them. I had a patient last night who was admitted to the hospital last week with SOB, diagnosed with CHF/pulmo HTN, possible SIADH...among other things. Pt has a psych history of SI with two attempts, depression, anxiety, and former sedative addiction, had been refusing psych consults. The pt was on several psych meds (for depression) prior to admission, which were all d/c'd within the last few days- I'm not really sure why. The only thing still ordered was PRN benzo for anxiety. The pt had two panic attacks during my shift. The pt was very anxious at baseline, has been since admission, and got the benzo after the first attack. The second was about 5 hours later, too soon for a second dose. Both times it occurred when the pt had just sat up from a lying position, and the pt stated to me that things were fine until the rapid position change. No history of vertigo, no dizziness/light-headedness, VS stable...and the patient says this happens every single day. I was able to calm the pt down by coaching through breathing exercises, and showing the pt how to use the button to raise the head of the bed to assist with slowing the pace of the position changes. Thankfully, the pt has agreed to a psychiatry consult. I won't be back till later this week, at which point the pt will unlikely be on my cardiac unit. Has anybody ever heard of this? It seems bizarre to me that panic attacks might be related to position changes, unless the pt has vertigo or maybe platypnea (or, I guess, orthopnea in cases other than this.) Any thoughts at all? I would love any and all input. The pt has a lot of strictly medical stuff going on...I'm just wondering if they might be causing this odd (to me, anyway) psych manifestation.
  13. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. I think I will apply to both the other school and to Frontier's bridge program and see what happens. My gpa from this degree is pretty competitive, so there is chance I can get I to Frontier- might as well try and see what happens. :)
  14. Please forgive typos- using my Kindle and still adjusting to it. I am so torn. I'm an older new(ish) ADN (AAS) RN - 39 & 2 years intermediate cardiac telemetry experience with prior healthcare supervisory experience, BLS, ACLS,and studying for my PCCN, but currently no other national certifications. I am still rebuilding my life after a natural disaster 3 years ago. I have a great deal of experience with online education, I do well with it, but I don't like having to rely on other students to get my work done. As in, when I was doing pre-reqs for my nursing program, it drove me nuts waiting for other students to finally post in the last 24 hours of a module to be able to post the required minimum responses to earn the highest grade for the class. For these reasons (money, time, limiting my frustration when feasible,) WGU seems like a good option for my BSN and possibly MSN (education, likely, since I don't like management based on prior personal experience. This will also give me a fallback option for when I get older. ) I know I will be limited by WGU's GPA policy, and the fact the I live in New York severely limits my schooling options. But I also know other people have gotten into Frontier with WGU degrees. I would be saving probably at least a year and $15-20k by doing WGU-BSN/MSN--->Frontier PMC (and possibly DNP AFTER either option.) Does anyone know how competitive Frontier's FNP programs are? Personal or anecdotal experience with these programs? How "good" is Frontier's program, in your opinion (not that I can afford to be that choosy.) I'm looking for any/all input- thanks!!!
  15. I as army. General discharge because of an injury- I chose not to fight it because I was young and stupid. Nobody cares at all about my discharge. I have never had employment difficulties because of it. Best of luck to you.