Hospitals not hiring LPN's???? What's ur input??

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I really wish people who post infomation such as above would qualify their answers. What your state or locality does is not the same thing as what all other states or localities do.

Every skill listed above except IV push drugs are done by LPNs/LVNs every day somewhere. The IV Team at my former hospital was staffed by LVNs.

To the OP- LPNs in acute care hospitals have been undergoing a long, slow decline for years. I think you are definitely doing the right thing by starting your RN classes right away. If things had been as they are now when I started out, I would have just continued my education at that time.

You don't mention your location, (I just know it's not CA or TX :) ). There is a very wide variation in pay rates depending on your area. For example, Blackcat99 mentioned $9.00 in Florida. My son makes that as a minimum wage cashier at Office Depot. I make > $18.50.

This calculating tool - Talent Management, Compensation, Competencies, Payroll, Salaries lets you punch in your area and position and gives you an average salary. Even if it isn't updated every day, it's a good place to start anyways. Good luck!! :nurse:


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Our hospital stopped hiring LPNs about 3 years ago. We changed to a new interpretation of primary nursing, and the RNs must assess and write the note on each patient. RNs are responsible for the patients, not the LPNs. At our hospital, they want the RN to do the admissions and discharges. For a while we would put an LPN on a team with an RN, but basically the LPN was used as an aide who could pass some meds.

We still use LPNs in the skilled nursing areas, as scrub techs in OB, and in the affiliated physician offices.

I don't necessarily agree with it (as a former LPN who worked in this facility very independently prior to the change), but it is what it is.

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They only hire LPN/LVNs here in the LTC facility or the Jail uses a mixture. I think the hospital still have them there if they were already working their but I believe they have to be pursuing their RN by a certain date. I also have a friend that is a CNA and Ward Clerk or something like that in the RN program with me. This summer she is taking the extra 6 week course to be able to sit for LPN boards (we are done with our first year) and her job will open up something for her to be more flexible with her schedule. But it has to do with her being in an RN program and already working their.

For new hires they don't though.


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In NYS LPNs cannot assess or teach - unless they have a RN cosign the assessment and the RN sets up a teaching plan. Depending on the facility, there are other limitations (i.e. telephone orders, IVs, central lines).

Hospitals do still hire LPNs in upstate NY, but not as much as they did since the economy declined.

If you can't get a job in a hospital, try rehab, or a large LTC with a respiratory floor. I worked as a LPN while I got my RN on a LTC resp. unit and received a lot of experience. It really helped when I switched to a hospital after I graduated.

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If I got my LPN where I am at I would totally work at the county jail, the pay is good the benies are good and they have a great reputation. I shadowed there for a project and I was really impressed and it wasn't at all what I thought it would be.

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