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Hospitals not accepting entry level nurses, new grads. What to do?


I had my registered nurse license June of 2014, I have applied to numerous hospitals with new grad entry which is only 2 in whole Nevada since June. I am currently working in a small company which is not really my thing but I need to pay the bills. My goal is to work in ICU but there is no new grad entry level anywhere here in Nevada I'm planning to have a certificate and attend class to be a ICU but I am not sure if that would help me to my goals. If there is no other way then I think I should move to another state and just find a nurse residency program which I have seen a lot in NY,FL,IL,AZ,TX. I need advice from expert, I have already contact numerous hospitals and they told me I need to have 1 year experience how can I have experience when they won't give me? Is there any way I can work in hospitals? classes? or just move to another state. I do have a big hope for Nevada but it is slowly fading away.



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Apply for jobs somewhere other than the hospitals, gain experience, and reapply in a couple years.


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Do you have an "ADN" or "BSN"? Keep in mind, the big push now is for hospitals to only hire "BSN" trained nurses. If an "ADN" nurse does get hired, they typically have 2-3 years to go back to school to obtain their "BSN". I'm not saying there's anything wrong with an "ADN" level nurse; I'm just telling you what my Dean at the College of Nursing told our class yesterday.

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Some facilities hire in a seasonal matter; especially for new grads.

Also keep your options open for other settings that will accept new grads as well.

I don't recommend FL, terrible economy. I graduated from a FL school, and only 1 of my classmates has been hired.

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Extremely competitive in Texas except the border area hospitals. I have heard ND is hiring new grads.

I live in Florida and just graduated in August with my BSN. Out of the 100+ students in my class, most have been hired at hospitals in the area. Even though there are nurse internship programs here, they are only posted on line for a very short period of time, sometimes only 24 hours. Most hospitals in this area will only hire new grads that have their BSN and occasionally an ADN that worked at that hospital throughout school. I would go in person to speak with the nursing recruiter at the hospitals that you would like to work at. They may have some insight into the ways to get a job. Talk to nurses that you know and get the scoop. Getting experience somewhere other than a hospital sounds like it may work; however, some also look at it that you still do not have hospital experience. Good luck!

I know someone who just got hired in the ER, no experience at all besides school. It's possible. St. Rose has new grad programs every 2 months. I believe the next cohort will be in November, apps should go out in October. You should look into it. As far as the ADN vs BSN...

Everyone always talks about how ADNs aren't hired anymore etc. (I'm a BSN btw, so I'm not being biased), in my new grad cohort 5/8 were ADN grads and the hospital I work for is trying to achieve magnet status. This is in Nevada btw, I'm not sure how it is elsewhere.


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During my orientation at the hospital I work in now, I found a lot of people were in the new grad program who were not from Florida -- a lot of them were from out of state. I wasn't a new grad when I started here.

I moved to Florida from Arkansas (I'm originally from Houston, TX), and the hospital where I worked before is hiring. No, Little Rock is not the first place I would want to live in, but experience is experience, and the only thing I loved about Little Rock was my job. I don't think that particular facility is very big (...although I have all the Texas Medical Center to compare hospitals so I'm really biased), but I have heard of nurses who come from out of state who freaked and said, "Yeah I can't work here. It's too big."


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Hang in there!! It takes time. I had to start out in rehab...then got into med/surg...and then finally into the ICU.

Unfortunately in Las Vegas (if that's where you're at)- many positions are acquired by knowing someone. So networking is incredibly important! Do you know any classmates or friends who have hospital jobs? See if they can introduce you to their manager. (FYI- DSH hires new grads into their ICU...but I think only BSN prepared.) Getting past HR is usually the problem- they reject applications so fast if they see no experience. You need a manager to meet you and then request your application from HR in order to get in.

There are hospitals hiring new grads in Las Vegas. The Valley system hires new grads on a regular basis, but you definitely have to get your foot in the door and speak with nurse managers. Also HCA (sunrise, Mt View) has hired a few new grads from my graduating class. Keep your eye out for job fairs, talk to some of your instructors and see if they have any pull (at least to get you in front of a manager) in any hospitals. You probably won't get hired into ICU as I'm sure you know, but hospitals do hire new grads for Med/Surg.

This is so true. A friend of mine who has been and RN for 10 years and an LPN for 5 before that moved to FL and ended up making half of what she made in Vegas. Needless to she, she came back AND got her old job back, but in a better Dept.

Summerlin hospital had just posted SEVERAL new grad positions for their med surg floors maybe 2 weeks ago. Last I checked however, they were already taken down. Set up job agents for the hospital job boards to email you when a job with the term "new grad" comes up. St Rose's new grad program is accepting applications until 10/7