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  1. What is "burnout" and how do you cope?

    Simple: they want nurses to quit before they are around very long to demand high salaries and better working conditions. The same thing is happening in many fields of work. Employers want young, cheap workers who can't quit because they are saddled w...
  2. I had a professor in nursing school who said working oncology nursing at a cancer center was slow-paced. I have no oncology experience, so I don't know personally.
  3. Stupid. Hospitals in my area are offering double-pay and triple-pay on high census days. No contract. No rules. What is it with the damn contracts these days? You can't just work and get paid anymore. There's always some cockamamie crap to deal with...
  4. 50 Things New Nurses Need to Know About Calling Doctors and Other Providers

    Also, learn WHO to call. I never bother calling Dr. IDontCare for pain medication. I will wait until that doc goes home and call the on-call provider.
  5. So sick of this Nurses eat the young crap.

    I didn't see any attitude whatsoever in my last profession, public school teaching. A profession full of women, by the way, so I know the NETY attitude ain't from being female.
  6. Nurses forced to work as aides

    I know that. But I still don't want to do it for 12 hours a day. It's not what I signed up for. Time to enroll in NP school I guess, even sooner than I thought.
  7. Funny, this is MY pet peeve. If you run a 1000 bag at 1000 (ours don't have an extra 50), then the line runs dry and I have to disconnect, prime it again and reconnect. This is a waste of time and also an infection control issue. I always put my 1000...
  8. Nurses forced to work as aides

    I am frustrated with my hospital. We have a shortage of aides, and no wonder because they have a hard, backbreaking job for measly pay. As a result, sometimes when we nurses show up to work, we're made to work as aides. No notice, just here: you're a...
  9. Nebraska joins ranks of states with independent NP practice

    Woo-hoo! I wondered which states were the other 18, and found this: AANP - State Practice Environment SOOOO disappointed in my home state of NY!
  10. Job outlook in Western Wa

    Seemed really tight to me. I sent my resume almost everywhere last fall in Seattle and Spokane. Only had one interview with Franciscan in Federal Way, but already had another job by then so didn't take it. It's not a job I want, though, I took it in ...
  11. Another RN wanting to come to Florida

    There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said. I'm in one of the better hospitals in FL, and it's still rough. Pt ratios are too much, dangerously so, because no one cares about acuity levels. On paper, 6 patients max isn't bad in MS, unti...
  12. Is Nursing the hardest job out there?

    THANK YOU! I quit public school teaching for nursing. People can't believe it when they hear that: why give up weekends/holidays/summers off and such an easy job? Because the workload in teaching is unimaginable. Now I'm paid a few hundred dollars a ...
  13. Burlington Vermont Nurses!

    How can you guys afford to live there? I considered working in VT, but the cost of living scared me off.
  14. What would you like to see in your scrubs?

    I once wore scrubs with Velcro on one of the pockets. I loved it because I put my personal stuff in there that I rarely need, but like to have on me: chapstick, phone, lotion, tampons, etc. The Velcro meant I didn't have to worry about it falling out...
  15. How to soften scrubs

    I've been told to wash with fabric softener (no soap) several times to break them in. Of course, I wear wonderwinks which are soft as silk so I never had to try it. I hope it works for you.