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  1. NewYorkerGirl

    Uncensored Thoughts of a Nurse Interviewer: Part II

    So what you're saying in this article is... shy introverts stand no chance. Got it.
  2. NewYorkerGirl

    Ebola: What About The Children?

    I'd suggest a video-monitor room to prevent that from happening.
  3. My favorite is when they demand to see the nurse, and refuse to state why. We repeatedly ask what we can do for them, or what can someone bring you, but they MUST SEE THE NURSE! Then I get there and they ask for a bedpan or water or something. The tech could do that... I loved what I saw in a modern, updated pediatric hospital: nurses had phones and could talk to the patients and families instead of a call-light system. That saved a lot of needless walking around and frustration.
  4. NewYorkerGirl

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

    And they are worth so much more than $11 an hour. My local hospital is doing something new: "NEW GRAD CNA POSITION" the title raved on the website job board, as if they are offering something wonderful (yes, we will hire a brand-new person!). But no mention of a preceptor or induction program. Pay? $10 per hour. All the other CNA jobs are $14.25 an hour. I think they came up with the title just as a way to lower the wages. And I do not live in a cheap part of the country. $10 per hour is starvation wages.