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MallysMama has 6 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. MallysMama

    Conference suggestions?

    Oops! Sorry! SCCM = Society of Critical Care Medicine. Also- you don't have to be a member to attend the conference, but membership gives a great journal each month.
  2. MallysMama

    Conference suggestions?

    I am a big fan of SCCM's annual conference. There's a large variety of topics presented over the 3.5 days. I've gone twice so far and enjoyed it both years. It is held in January or February each year (was just held in Hawaii a few weeks ago). So it won't be of help for using CME this year, but next year it is in February in San Antonio. I recommend it for any Acute Care NPs looking for a good conference!
  3. MallysMama

    Calling all student NPs...how are you doing?

    Tired. I'm just tired. All. The. Time. I'm in my last quarter - with graduation only 2 months away (for my Masters...I will then be continuing for the DNP). I have, for the most part, loved my program (full-time AGACNP)! But this last quarter- I'm convinced they're trying to kill us! It's the toughest one yet...which I guess is to be expected for a 4th management class. I have that 6 credit class, plus a 3 credit online class, and then "clinical conference" (treated as an actual class in addition to required clinical hours). I'm doing clinical days 2-3 times a week. I only work a couple times a month...I can't handle doing any more than that. I wish the rest of you continued good luck!!
  4. MallysMama

    Does your first job define you?

    Thanks for sharing what you feel makes a rockstar NP! That's quite the image you paint. I just wanted to clarify....do you feel someone with a "bleeding heart" isn't capable of being well know and respected (a "rockstar")? While I haven't become an NP yet- so I can't say for sure if I will sink or swim- I have always been an empathetic, kind person (one you would consider a "bleeding heart"- though better dressed). However, I'd like to think I can still be an excellent NP- one who earns what I'm worth, and is respected and well known. I feel like maybe you equate soft with being incompetent. But can't it be possible to be that way and still be a "rockstar"? On a side note- I think The Bleeding Hearts would be an excellent 80's rock band name!
  5. MallysMama

    Does your first job define you?

    In your opinion- what makes a "rock star" NP? Is it something that can be learned, or do you feel it's more natural talent?
  6. MallysMama

    Does your first job define you?

    Thanks! There are plenty of other hospitals around....but a large majority of my clinical rotations are in the school's hospital. So I figure I'm more likely to find a job there- since I will know quite a few of the providers by the time I graduate. (I also currently work there as an RN.) I plan on applying to multiple different hospitals...but I've already had one of my hospital's specialties show an interest in hiring me. If they turn out to be the only ones.... I don't know! I want to be picky! But I also recognize that I will be a new grad and can't be TOO picky....right?!
  7. MallysMama

    Does your first job define you?

    I actually didn't know this. 😕 I assumed that because the cost of living was so much higher than where I moved from- that the wages would match that. It's been disappointing hearing the averages recently. I'd like to fight for higher- but I just don't think it's possible (especially at the academic hospital). But- not counting in $$$- could getting a first job in one specialty hurt my chances of changing specialties in the future?
  8. MallysMama

    Does your first job define you?

    What if I get a job working for the only academic hospital in the state....and they're known for paying less? Will that still hurt me when going to a different facility later on? It's actually frustrating to learn what new grad NPs make around here. How can I negotiate when the whole area pays similar rates?
  9. MallysMama

    Does your first job define you?

    I'm wondering y'all's opinion on how much a first NP job defines you and your future options. Say you have a set area you're hoping to work, but another -very different- offer comes along first. Will taking it hurt your future chances of getting into the area you want? Or is any experience helpful?
  10. MallysMama

    NP Exam Prep Course?

    We have been encouraged to do Barkley's AGACNP review (whether live or by CD). Apparently they quote a 99% pass rate if you do the course! I figure it's worth the $500 if it's that helpful!
  11. MallysMama

    New Grad Jobs

    OHSU hires new grads- but I think you have to get into their internship program.
  12. MallysMama

    FNP vs. AC-AGNP

    Yes, you're right. Thank you for correcting that. I do realize that 50 years ago when the first NP and PA programs were rolling out- they surely didn't use fancy sim labs. However- my "old school" comment was more directed towards schools taking on more of the teaching responsibility (instead of leaving it solely to preceptors). Though it was purely opinion based, and I have nothing to back it up. I look forward to reading the article you posted later (headed to work now). My program director had suggested to a couple DNP students that it might be a good project to look into sim-based education. I can't imagine there would be anything but positive results from adding in more practice....but I guess that remains to be determined.
  13. MallysMama

    9 months into FIRST FNP job

    Thanks for sharing your update!! Congrats on becoming more proficient. I love reading posts like these! They help me see that not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel- but that it's attainable!
  14. MallysMama

    Relocation job search

    Are you acute care or primary care? Have you tried calling some of the hospitals and/or clinics? Maybe talking to the places you've submitted resumes to might help.
  15. MallysMama

    FNP vs. AC-AGNP

    Hmm. Interesting. I was under the impression that medical students also learned by practicing in labs first. Must just be my school! The med students here learn skills in cadaver labs, suture labs, endoscopy and surgical labs, etc. They learn line placement and intubation on mannequins first. Maybe my school is still "old school" in thinking it's best to actively teach the students before throwing them into clinical settings. I still get to do the "see one, do one, teach one." I just get a little sim lab practice first! 😃
  16. MallysMama

    FNP vs. AC-AGNP

    You mean- you didn't learn those skills on a dummy first? That's a bit scary to me. I feel more confident getting those experiences in my clinical rotations because I at least practiced the steps first. I've already intubated and put in a chest tube on real people. And having done it in the sim lab first made it much easier. I don't feel it is my preceptors' responsibility to teach me those skills. It should be the responsibility of my professors to ensure I've learned them before being sent into a clinical situation. And then my preceptor helps find opportunities for me to get better at them and is there to ensure I do the skills correctly. And they don't have to "hold my hand" because they know I already know how to do it. I'm realizing more and more how grateful I am for choosing the program I did! I have instructors who actively teach. My program has 9 students- so they know us all very well. They find preceptors for us and we rotate through different specialties every 6 weeks. We have many sim labs- giving us experiences of managing acute and critical scenarios in a "safe" environment so we are more prepared in the real world. Our clinicals are mostly done in a level 1 trauma center (an academic teaching hospital) with preceptors who come from some of the other best programs in the country and have many years of experience. Forgive me - but I won't ever feel that experiences like these can be obtained from an online program. Though I'm not saying you can't be an amazing and skilled provider. I just feel that if you're going to be paying an arm and a leg for grad school- they ought to be giving you what you pay for!