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MallysMama has 6 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. MallysMama

    New Grad: How To Make It Over The Hump?

    Ah ha! Found the report sheet! I then folded it up so it fit in my pocket! Hope it helps a little!
  2. MallysMama

    My personal ADN vs BSN debate in Las Vegas

    All the talk about an ADN being any less desirable than a BSN is crap! After graduation we all take the same NCLEX-RN! There's no NCLEX-BSN or NCLEX-ADN - it's all the SAME test!! The only difference between the two degrees is that if you want to someday be in a management position (charge, manager, etc) you generally (though not always) need to have a BSN. And I totally agree - the doctors know virtually nothing about the RNs taking care of their patients! I did a few week rotation in the ER and they don't care what degree (ADN vs BSN) that you have!! You get hired based on getting your foot in the door. If they know you and you made a good impression (during clinicals or preceptorship) - they're more likely to hire you. CSN's program is second only to UNLV in the state!! The NCLEX pass rates were just slightly under UNLV's - which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me!! (As of two years ago - not sure how they currently stand...but I can't imagine it changes that much.) Just because CSN offers an ADN program doesn't mean it's easy. About half of the people who get accepted each semester will fail out at some point. They expect a lot of their students and want to make us just as hirable as any other RN graduate! You're not going to find that kind of education at NSC (I've taken a couple classes there and know someone who graduated from their RN program). Good luck with your decision!!
  3. MallysMama

    CSN Full-time Question

    My friend had to take a simple online class this semester to get full-time status. Just pick an easy one (online is better - so you don't actually have to GO)!
  4. I'm still going through nursing school, but I'd previously not had any preference for a specialty. Nothing had caught my interest - but I'd been able to rule out many areas! Until I got to do a rotation to the ER yesterday! I loved it!! Problem - I don't know if I'm "cut out" to be an ER nurse. How did you know you could handle it? What kind of person does it take to be an ER nurse? And what made you decide to work in the ER? From your experience - do Emergency Departments hire new grads? Would you recommend going right into ER or working Med/Surg for a year or so first? Thanks for your help!! :loveya:
  5. MallysMama

    Best place to work Psych in Vegas?

    I just did my clinical rotation at Montevista... and I'm thinking they do a variety of shift hours! So, you could always call and ask them if they do 12 hours. It's a pretty nice facility - but I didn't find the nurses to be very helpful (or even friendly). So, if you work there- be good to the students! )
  6. MallysMama

    CSN Full-time Question

    I haven't heard of a form that states you're full time. There is however, one that you can fill out to qualify for "increased need" due to being in the nursing program (and all it's financial requirements) - so it increases the money you're allowed to borrow or receive as a grant.