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MallysMama has 6 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Conference suggestions?

    Oops! Sorry! SCCM = Society of Critical Care Medicine. Also- you don't have to be a member to attend the conference, but membership gives a great journal each month.
  2. Conference suggestions?

    I am a big fan of SCCM's annual conference. There's a large variety of topics presented over the 3.5 days. I've gone twice so far and enjoyed it both years. It is held in January or February each year (was just held in Hawaii a few weeks ago). So it ...
  3. NP in the OR

    All of the NPs in my hospital that work in the OR are ACNPs. Some questions you'll want to consider: Does an FNP program prepare one to work in a perioperative setting? Could you get clinical experience in the OR from an FNP program? And does the are...
  4. So ready for a break from grad school

    Congrats on graduating!!! Good luck on boards!! I just took and passed it today! I start my new job the end of August!
  5. public transportation & OHSU

    The trimet pass is about $300/year for students and employees. (Which is still better than what it would cost if you bought it through trimet.) There are lots of buses that go to OHSU during busy times (morning and afternoon/evening). Try out the PDX...
  6. First interview

    I felt it was fairly casual....but that may have been because I already knew most of them.
  7. Acute Care NP vs FNP--advice, experiences?

    Just wanted to add that an ACNP can do specialty outpatient care too (though most roles I've seen combine inpatient and outpatient into one job). You could round on patients in the hospital and then see the clinic patients for that service as well. S...
  8. First interview

    Update: I got the job!!! [emoji2] Now to take/pass the board exam so I can start working this summer!
  9. First interview

    That's similar to how this interview process goes as well. I will meet with a few of the MDs and the medical director (each one at a time), have lunch with the NPs/PAs, shadow the medical director for awhile, and meet with the lead NP. The main diffe...
  10. First interview

    A cardiac ICU in an academic medical center!
  11. First interview

    I have my first real NP job interview coming up! (Yay!!!) I'm incredibly intimidated by the itinerary I was sent. It's a 5 hour process! Is that fairly normal for NP interviews? Do you all have any tips for me?
  12. Working while doing DNP?

    Hello! For those who have obtained the DNP (or are currently in school for it)... What are your thoughts on starting a new full time NP job while also completing a year long DNP? I finish my masters in two months and my program grants us the degree ...
  13. NPs in the ICU in Seattle area

    I'm not in Seattle- but happen to know that they DO use NPs in their ICUs. One of my professors came from there and had worked as an NP in a level 1 trauma center (in the ICU). I also know one hospital company is actively hiring ACNPs up there.
  14. Calling all student are you doing?

    Tired. I'm just tired. All. The. Time. I'm in my last quarter - with graduation only 2 months away (for my Masters...I will then be continuing for the DNP). I have, for the most part, loved my program (full-time AGACNP)! But this last quarter- I'm ...
  15. Mid Level practitioner best for surgery.

    OHSU and AGACNP. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!