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Hope and Encourgement :)

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I joined this forum in 2008, I spent hours reading threads just hoping I would find one that would give me hope and encouragement that yes it is possible to be a nurse again. In 2002 I was arrested and sent to federal prison as a result of a life spun out of control from meth addiction. I surrendered my RN license and began the process of serving my time, getting sober and picking up the pieces of a way messed up life. I have never given up and I now have years of sobriety behind me. I was reinstated in 2013 in TX but now live in MS. 10/16/2015 I was granted an active RN license by endorsement to practice in MS. I finally get to practice again!!! I know my story may not be the norm but just wanted to post it is possible just for anyone needing encouragement. I am fortunate to have a group of great supporters and nurses in my community willing to help me find employment.

It is possible!

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Congratulations, PEPPER1! That's awesome!

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I am very proud of you,

So happy for you and glad you came back to nursing! The people I've met in recovery have been such a blessing and so inspiring--you are one of them! Congrats, hope you find work soon!

What a great achievement. You should be so proud! Meth addiction is brutal and many don't come back from this. Good for you and good luck!!!!!


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Excellent! I am so happy for you!


I am a nurse in Virginia. I have been in va HPMP for almost 4 years. I tried to find a way I could make a new topic post, but I couldn't find out how. I have been clean and a member of a 12 step fellowship for almost 4 years. I went back to work in my field and I am rehireable at one of the hospitals I worked for in the past. I have been interviewing for many jobs and have been turned down for many. I am getting more depressed daily and I am hurting deeply. I have done Mt part for so long and I don't seem to be getting any offers for jobs even though I have been back to woek since I started HPMP. I entered recovery because I wanted to change , I go to meetings often and sponsor other women. I have made many difficult choices to maintain my recovery, and I am currently suffering the loss of a relationship that I am choosing to leave in order to take care of myself. I feel like I am out of options. No matter how honest I am about my past and how hard I try, I am unable to find employment. I am in desperate need of experience, strength ,and hope.

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Asking4help...I am so sorry you are in such a struggle. I am in Texas, so I cant offer you anything more than strong encouragement and lots of prayers that your situation is alleviated. I am setting an alarm and will pray for your hourly for the next 24 hours that doors will open for you. Don't give up. Seek employment with your degree, not only your license. God bless.


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I have lit a white candle anointed with a special homemade oil for Comfort, for you Asking4help, on my prayer altar. I hope it brings you comfort and blessings.

Hey asking4help, just wanted to send some encouragement! There are jobs out there in VA, not sure what part you are from but most all of the dialysis companies around the Richmond area hire HPMP participants, even most of the hospitals. I've had offers in dialysis, and even a hospital postition. I'm in the process of looking for work as well after leaving dialysis so just know you're not alone! It's a very long process it seems to finally lock in a job but it does happen! Hope you are having some luck with it!


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I Got a job!!!! I start Monday 4/11 I will be working hemodialysis and could not be more grateful! This has been a very long journey I sincerely hope that others will find encouragement. I know that God's faithfulness in my life and the encouragement of an awesome support network is the only reason that for the first time in 14 years Monday I get to return to nursing!!!


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Excellent! I'm very pleased and inspired by you and your efforts!