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  1. by   Furball
    You do your visits on your bike? Now how COOL is THAT I ask ya?
  2. by   nursedawn67
    I'm not in Home health, but it is cool Russell that you seem to be enjoying your new job, I'm glad for ya. Keep up the good work, the nursing profession needs good people like you. WTG!!!
  3. by   hoolahan
    WoW!!! My record mileage is 84 miles!! The diff btw city and rural HH nursing. I love hearing about it Rusty!!

    Sounds like this is a perfect fit for you!!
  4. by   jnette
    I'm sooooooooo jealous !

    But very happy for you, Rusty ! Hooley's right, it DOES sound like a perfect fit. How neat for you ... AND your patients !

    Keep us posted, ok?

    I'm thinking more and more of going this route, once my 2 years are "paid back" for school at my current employer. This buys me some time to listen (read) and learn, so please do keep posting.. you AND the others in HH.

    Thanx ! Enjoy !
  5. by   angelbear
    I love the description of your day. That is always what I thought nursing should be. Sounds so gratifying definately jealous and admiring you. Angelbear
  6. by   nightingale
    Rusty: It sounds like a perfect fit! Oh how I miss the spanglish! Your description gave me quite the chuckle.

    I have put a few application in around town at some HH Agencies where I have recently relocated. From your description, it makes me miss HH.

    Keep up posted!

    What is the expectation of daily visits with such a high amount of trveling? Do you mind my asking what they reimburse for mileage?
  7. by   CraftyLPN
    I am so glad you like your new job Rusty!!
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    I get .34 per mile (and get over 40 mpg on the bike)
  9. by   Jay-Jay
    What's your average daily mileage? I do about 80 to 100 km. a day (that's about 50 or 60 miles).

    I'm surprised you actually start your day at the office. We do everything from home, and visit the office only for meetings, or to pick up supplies.

    And wherever do you carry your supplies if you're on the bike? Yikes, my trunk is crammed full of them! You'd think it was a hospital supply closet! Couldn't function without it! IV start kits and tubing, foleys, Central line maintenance kits, dressing kits, syringes, needles, staple and suture removers.... Once spent 3 days trying to get a man's staples out as the CCAC sent the wrong kit (suture instead of staple). He said he had appt. with the doctor next day, so I didn't order one in. Guess what?? GP's don't normally remove staples, so the doc. didn't have one either! Ever since, I make sure I carry a couple of spares in my trunk.

    The co. that makes up the supply orders is always making mistakes. Probably average one per week. Most annoying: NO TAPE in the dressing supplies sent for a pilonidal sinus. Most serious: no jelonet for a new skin graft. I didn't notice the omission until after the old dressing was off the graft site and in the garbage. It was winter (usually bad weather when these things happen!) and i spent a very cold 10 minutes rummaging through my trunk, until I found a box of jelonet. Don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been there! I don't even think I had a tube of polysporin I could have used to prevent the dressing from sticking.
  10. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Rusty: Great to hear from you!!! Sounds like you are enjoying the new job. I just returned to HH in April and love it, too. I really like the personal time I get to spend w the pts...I feel like I really get to know them as *people*.

    And you get around on your bike! KEWL!!!

    What kinda bike is it? Hubby & I ride (at least, I do when I am not wearing a cast on my foot!!!) We have two Harleys and a Ninja. (Hubby got a 2003 Anniv Edition blk/silver FatBoy!!!)

    I drive my silver 2002 TransAm in my HH rounds. People really look at that and admire it, too. I find that it really "breaks the ice" for conversation. An elderly pt of mine called me the "Hot Rod Nurse"! :chuckle
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    I put all the charts in the saddle bags and I have an extra little bag for dressing supplies. I carry foleys and blood draw stuff in my travel bag.
    All the little old ladies tell me to "be careful on that motorcycle now".
    and all the old men tell me "I wish I could still ride one of those".
    I have to admit. My patients love me.
  12. by   Furball
    I'm sure most of your pts are homebound and you are definitely their excitement for the day!
  13. by   funnygirl_rn
    Rusty, I really enjoyed reading your day regarding Home Health & about your motor-cycle. It brought back great memories of my grand-mother.

    When my grand-mother broke her hip, she had this wonderful & very kind home health nurse. He drove an old pick-up & often brought his dog with him. Anyways, my grand-mother had a huge 240 acre farm with a nice pond on it. Prime hunting & fishing. Well, she really looked forward to his visits. She would make him a roast beef sandwich & a glass of ice tea. They would talk base-ball (she loved base-ball), while his dog played outside with her dogs. She told him he could fish or hunt on her property anytime he wanted. Well, soon she no longer needed his services, but he was still welcome to fish/hunt. Whenever he came down to fish, he would still check on her & ask how she was doing. He really made her day!