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I am not sure what to do anymore. I have just taken the hesi exit exam for the 4th time and got an 845 and needed an 850 in order to get my transcripts. We can take it as many times as needed by the end of fall, but my brain is so tired, and not sure I can take much more. We have remediation that we have to do and it is 3000 nclex questions before we retake. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get through this. is there anyone out there that has had to take this as many times as I have? Help someone.

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Try doing quizzes in Saunders comprehensive latest edition and if you score less than 75% in each chapter review the chapter. Many have said that it helped them to pass HESI . May want to search the NCLEX forum as there are several threads discussing HESI

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ok... i saw this thread and laughed... let me tell you why.

im sure some of you have seen my posts on here lately dogging the hesi. i absolutely... freaking... HATE this exam. it is hard, and im sure you know this.

we had 5 times total (turns out our administration gave people another chance, so there will be 6 total.)

on my fourth hesi attempt, i got an 838.

this past wednesday, i took my hesi, and got a 963... which shocked the hell out of me. if i can do it, YOU CAN DO IT. TRUST ME.

i found that if you go online and look up NCLEX 3500 institutional version and do the questions on there, it helps. i think thats what helped me. we also did a mandatory NCLEX review from ATI at our school last monday through thursday. that was cool too. ive also done a hurst review along the way.

i didnt even bother with remediation on the HESI website... its GARBAGE. you read like freaking 10 pages to look over something you miss. that may work for some, but it didnt for me. plus, the catagories for questions overlap so much, so one question might be professionalism/med-surg/geriatrics/psych... or some crap like that, so you cant REALLY tell what youre doing bad in. also, heres another suggestion:

i was CONSISTENTLY weak in maternity and psych... so all i did for the 2 weeks up until exam is go over questions in maternity and psych, and the last 3 days or so i did a little bit of everything. just do questions from nclex 3500 on your weak areas, and every 3rd day or so do a little bit of everything. 5 days until the exam i started doing 250 questions every day. trust me, it helps. dont do them all at once! split them up... do 50 in one sitting, go away for a couple of hours, come back and do 50. you'll remember the material MUCH better.

hang in there, you CAN do it!!!! and its SO great when you finally do. life is so much better now =)

if you need anymore help let me know. send me a PM. our classmates and I wrote down a bunch of stuff from review for the HESI, so i could email you some review questions we all pitched in and remembered =)


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I am so happy for you! I knew you could do it. I remember your post and was looking to see how the hesi went for you. Congrats my dear!


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Thank you so much. I am going to take same time off we are going on vacation, but could you please send me some of that information? Was the 5th test easier than the fourth? But please email me some of that, you were talking about. And congrats

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i will send some of that info later today!

just warning you, its a LOT of material im going to be sending you. but trust me, you'll want to read it all!

whats weird, is our 5th was actually a retake version 2.... which was the ONE hesi version i didnt go over and review. i reviews our hesi one and three, but not 2... so it shocked me i got that score. i thought 5 was actually harder than the rest, like when i clicked my last answer, i thought it could have gone either way. another big thing this time is i went with my first instinct and NEVER second guessed myself. its really hard to do, but apparently it works!

just trust in what youve learned! if an answer sticks out at you as the better out of the two you narrow down, go for it and dont look back and dont dwell on it! just think to yourself: "which one is the BETTER out of the two? which one makes better SENSE?"

i promise you... if you do nclex questions from nclex 3500 in your two weakest areas a week up until the exam, go over the info i send you later today, and do 250 questions a night for 5 nights up until the exam, you should most definately pass this sucker!

hit me up if you need anymore help!!


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Thank you so much. I hope that this is a retake of one of our tests. Might go through the remediation just in case. And My remediation is going through our saunders cd, and I have to do 30 of the 100 question exams. So 3000 questions before I can retake it. Thank you so much for everything that you have done. Its been a help. It's just that after this test I felt like a failure. I did second guess myself on 6 questions which would have passed me. and there was a math it said to round to the nearest tenth, so I did and I got it wrong. But thanks

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see, for me, just straight saunders review questions were WAY too easy.

however, the questions from the comprehensive book helped a little, because its detailed.

you need detail, and just a general Q&A saunders book, in MY opinion, is way too easy. do you have any of the saunders comprehensive book? if not i can send you my third edition if you want it.


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Ya I have version 4.


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I would like to get your study info for the hesi. I am going to be taking my third test this month. I will welcome any help or advice I can get!


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How was version 4? I think that is the version I am going to be taking.


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Hi! I I know you are probably busy but I will take that info from your hands if you still have it available. I have about 3 wks before my third time taking this exam. I am pumping up the last couple of weeks in questions.

thanks for your help.

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