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  1. by   purp4sh
    That's great an 1150 is far higher than what anyone in my class scored.
  2. by   Dink75
    Quote from debsuztx
    Okay, I need some advice, suggestions, comments, etc. I took a practice test on my HESI CD tonight and after I took it I made like a 59% on it. OMG, there were twenty million questions on Chemotherapy drugs, and lots of medications that I didn't know the side effects for. We are currently having our Review this week, which ends tomorrow, with the test being on Monday (4/17). Feeling really anxious about it. We've been doing practice questions in class, which are SO easy compared to the ones on the CD. Just don't know what to expect for the real test. Any test taking tips/strategies, etc. for this test? Felt okay about test (well as okay as I can feel) before I took the test on the CD. Just hoping if I keep taking the tests on the CD, I will get better at answering these types of questions.

    Please help!!!

    Relax! I kept scoring in the 50-60% range on the HESI CD's. I was worrying myself sick. I had always scored above 1000 on the regular HESI tests at the end of each semester. I was beginning to think that I would never be able to pass the Comprehensive HESI before graduation with what I was scoring on the CD. I ended up with a 1026 on the final (93%). Woo hoo! Those CD's are much harder than the actual test. They are made that way to help you prepare. If you scored well on the practice, you might not study as hard.
  3. by   klone
    Quote from avery
    I took the hesi exit a few weeks ago. I got an 1150. It was hard and I wasn't sure if I would pass or fail until it was scored at the end. I hear for most people, NCLEX is easier.
    Yes, I got an 1148, and I thought it was the hardest test I've ever taken, and I didn't look at the computer screen for my score for a few moments, because I was sure I did poorly. I too have heard that the NCLEX is easier in comparison.
  4. by   pendragon1980
    I just took the HESI today and I'll share my stats. We did not have to pass HESI to graduate but it was mandatory we take it.

    I got 1009 and took it cold (not studying), which converted to a 93%, I assume this is the estimated chance I will pass boards on the first try.

    There is a 2nd number, 85.something, which my instructor tells me is my standing in the nation? As in I did better than 85% and worse than 15%.

    I'm still going to study like mad for boards, though. I have a test taking skills lab tommorrow and a online content review course lined up.

    But it was nice to know today that I will probably pass NCLEX.

    7 more days!

  5. by   TraumaRN36
    Yes i took the HESI we didnt have to get a certain grade it was just to supposely help benefit us. I dotn really remember my score i know it wasnt good, but i will tell you what the HESI was the not worth my money. I didnt seem to help at at all. I took the boards and passed no problem with no help from HESI.
  6. by   MMARN
    I am a first semester student and I have to take the HESI four times. The first three don't count against me. In my fourth semester, I have to take it and it determines if I pass the program. I'm freaking out right now b/c my first HESI is next Wednesday and I don't have an idea what to expect.
  7. by   cynt77
    I took the Hesi today and I made an 848....I was so bombed!!! I missed passing by one question!!!!:angryfire But you know what I am not going to sweat it everyone takes it cold (well at least in my class) we had presentations to do, speeches, and we have finals coming up on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. WHO has time to study for this!!! This is my one gripe about nursing school...We have soooo much to do in so little time but hey I guess I should stop griping I am in & doing well. I have all A's & B's in my classes and I am not going to let this test get me down any longer. I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL on the NCLEX!!!!! I will just keep telling myself that over and over
  8. by   ready2BanRN
    I took the hesi and passed with an 897!!!!!!!!! we needed an 850. I graduated May 12!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   kddex
    Quote from andi2634
    I took the HESI twice- The first time at the end of our first year and then right before graduation. The first time I got an 84.73. If we weren't in the 85th percentile we had to do review questions every week. Our grades didn't get rounded up so I spent a lot of time on the computer doing questions. The 2nd one I took before graduation I got a 91. If we didn't get in the 85th percentile we had to show proof that we were signed up for a review course. They say that if you score at least an 85 you have a 99% chance of passing boards but I don't think the HESI was anything like boards. the HESI was more like the NCLEX review books.

    Did you think the HESI was harder???
  10. by   nursemi
    Has anyone purchased the software? I was wondering if it worked for anyone in regards to passing Hesi and or Nclex.
    Let me know

    Since we were unsuccessful we were told we could not attend our graduation pinning ceremony. Alot of us have families flying in from out of state and this has been devastating, alongside with the job opportunities we had.

    I don't feel it is appropriate to take the Hesi exam based on the idea that if you don't pass it you cannot attend your graduation and cannot take the Ncelx exam nor even be hired as licensed pending RN. We sacrificied and worked extremely hard, and basically neglected our famillies for three years and we graduated. We should be able to take the state board now. It feels like we have to take two state boards with this Hesi exam. The Hesi exam is nothing like the NCLEX exam. I do over 200 nclex questions a day more on some days. The Hesi exam questions completely different from Nclex.and there software does not contain enough questions for you to practice on and I have already outdone the questions that it won't let me do anymore questions.
    So if there is anyone who can help us with this please let me know.
  11. by   ldrn2b
    Oh my goodness!!! I am so scared of this test!!! Does anyone have any suggestions? I take HESI tomorrow. I have done all the practice tests on the CD and we have covered the book pretty much front to back!!!! I feel so lost!!! Please someone help!!! The CD was pretty hard... How is the test compared to the CD???

    Thanks to anyone who replies!!!!
  12. by   ldrn2b
    one more thing did anyone take a hesi review course??? did it help??
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  13. by   Hebrews 13:5
    I took my hesi this week and made over a 1000. I'm pretty sure you'll do fine...having done lots of questions and read their book. I finished all the questions on saunders CD. The hesi CD was very depressing for me so I just abandoned it. I read the hints in their book. I was told the CD was meant to stimulate you to study. I found out that the actual exam was a lot easier. More importantly, be very calm during the exam and read the questions and the answer choices carefully b/4 choosing. They are worded weird and very tricky. Make sure you get all the math questions. They would make a big different to your score. Know your math conversions. They are easy but also easy to miss. They gave us four hours. So, you'll have time.
    Let us know how you did....All the best!