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  1. cynt77

    Headed to Lackland!!!!

    Hi I hope you dont mind me asking but do you know what types of shifts the med-surg floor works?
  2. cynt77

    Headed to Lackland!!!!

    Hey I might see you there..I am headed to COT in July (im in Korea right now) and I should be at Lackland in August ..Yeah It was my first choice and I am glad that I got it. I heard it was a lot of learning opportunities. But what I would like to know if anyone knows is how are the work schedules there for Med Surg..is it 3 on 3 off or what..Thanks
  3. Take time for yourself!!!! I can't stress it enough even if it is 1 hour a week to go and get a pedicure or take a walk in the park without a nursing book...do something...It will refresh you and you will be ready to get back into the game. I graduate May 12th :monkeydance:
  4. This really burns my buns I am sure you have respect for your family and boyfriend but ask yourself who's life is it? If you want to join the military then go for it...the military has been great for me and many others and no it is not a death sentence if it were the case I would have died 9yrs ago People who do not know about the military should not make comments like that. And I am not going to even comment on your boyfriend for telling you not to look again!!!!!!!! Honey live YOUR life if you like it stay if not you can always get out and pursue another career. Just my
  5. cynt77

    Where were u 9/11/01?

    I was in Saudia Arabia and the time difference I think is 10 hours or something like that. I got up because of all the noise in the common room. My room was right next to the common room and everyone was surrounding the t.v. and told me what was going on. It was a very sad day
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  7. cynt77


    I can't remember which site I saw it on. It was either my state bon or the pearson vue I'm sorry I don't remember.
  8. cynt77


    Thanks. I have thought about all of that but I just don't want the NCLEX looming over my head for so long. On a better note I went on the pearson vue website and i read that you can turn in your paperwork 3 months before you graduate. That would be great so as soon as I graduate and they get the required info maybe I can squeeze in there and take it before I leave. I am still going to apply this coming December for the nurse corps maybe I will get selected while I am in Korea and like you said my next stop will be COT. And while I am over there I can get rid of the extra "nursing school" weight that I put on
  9. cynt77


    Well guys and gals, My goals have been put on hold. I am a senior in nursing school and of course I will get to graduate but the Air Force has told me it's my time to go to korea :uhoh21: . My plan was to apply for the nurse corps (I am active duty on a education program to go to school full time) after I graduate but since it is a lengthy process I am sure my orders will not be cancelled. I walk on may 12th 2007 & I have to be in country on 10 June. I don't even think that is enough time for me to take my NCLEX . I asked for a extension for a couple of weeks hopefully that will come through. If not I have no idea what I am going to do. Has anyone ever gone through this before. I am sooo stressed :smackingf
  10. cynt77

    how's life as Rn in the Military????

    What branch where you in?
  11. cynt77

    a good reveiw class please help

    Also with the hurst review you can take it more than once! I took it at the end of my junior yr at the school and they come back again my senior yr. And you do keep all the information that comes in the binder so basically they go through the information and you answer questions that are in the binder and they give you pointers for passing the test. All I have going through my head is "Killer":rotfl: One of the things the guy kept saying is ask yourself will this kill your patient and if the majority of the crowd answered a question wrong he would say "Killlllleeeeerrrrr" he was pretty funny.
  12. Exercise and not gain another 10lbs
  13. cynt77

    hospitals in Jackson, Tupelo, and Memphis

    Hey Bleppity I was looking at the Tennessee forums for memphis and there was one on there about the morale at Baptist and pretty much what I got from it was to stay clear. Do a search and you will find it. And think it was hospitals in the memphis area or something like that
  14. cynt77

    I passed!!!!! I loved my study guide.

    Congrats!!! I did the hurst review live the great thing about it is you can take it as many times as you want. I took it my junior yr and I get to take it again this yr before I graduate.
  15. cynt77

    Memphis VA center

    Thanks!! If I worked there I plan on living in southaven and commute to memphis since they aren't that far.
  16. cynt77

    RN to BSN at USM Coast

    No Problemo ask away! Sorry but I don't know what the cut-off was. But at one point in time they were searching for applicants right after Katrina. I guess a lot of people thought the school was closed down but they just moved us to a temporary location.