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  1. Dink75

    Any Western Kentucky nurses?

    Stumbled onto your posts about moving to Marshall County. I have lived in Marshall County my entire life and I am working as an RN at Lourdes. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  2. Dink75

    Need humor on death and dying

    The best story I have is about a patient I had. He was inpatient hospice. He had been doing fairly well considering and then suddenly one afternoon, his breathing changed. His breaths became more shallow and with periods of apnea. This man who was no...
  3. Dink75

    NCLEX freak out

    the great Commonwealth of Kentucky (God bless them!!!!)
  4. Dink75

    NCLEX freak out

    Just check BON site, I have a license number....I passed! Yeaaaaaaaaaa! :balloons: The BON had the results in 24 hours rather than waiting 48 for Pearson Vue.
  5. Dink75

    NCLEX freak out

    I'm with you! I just took the NCLEX-RN today and it stopped at 75 questions. I really had no clue after a while. I am just numb. I always scored over 1000 on any HESI I ever took. This test was just mind-blowing. I have never felt so inadequate...
  6. Dink75

    Alternative meds? You'll never believe this one!!

    We were taught the cabbage leaf thing in nursing school. You can put them in the freezer too before putting them on in order to ease the pain.
  7. Dink75

    Rineheart Review

    Has anyone taken the Rineheart Review? Did it seem to help? I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point. I have always scored high on the HESI exams and never really had any problems. I'm beginning to get nervous now. I take the NCLEX in less t...
  8. Dink75

    How many May graduates?

    Graduated last night!!! I have Reinhart Review May 17-20. I hope to take NCLEX in about 3 weeks.
  9. Dink75

    Mental Health Nursing starting in 2wks!

    I had a great time on my psych rotations. We had several! Be very careful what you wear, though! Make sure your shirts are not low cut. This can be difficult because most shirts anymore are made that way. You make not look as nice as you would l...
  10. Dink75

    Need input please!!

    It is my opinion that difficulties and tragic events in the past shape us to be the people we are today. It is in how we react to these hardships. Does this stop you from becoming a caring nurse...or does it enable you to better understand the diff...
  11. Dink75

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    When I worked in a LTC facility, we had the same reports of little children. Several of the residents would start asking us about who the children were. None of us ever saw any kids, but the residents would swear they were there. Some of them woul...
  12. Dink75

    Am I too old?

    You are not too old! I was 28 when I started on my Associate Degree. I had 3 kids (aged 10, 9, and 4). The two year program actually took me three years. I had never attended college before, so I had to take all my pre-reqs. I spent the first yea...
  13. Dink75

    Is my 'plan' advisable by others?

    Sounds like you've got it. I started as a CNA in a LTC facility then moved to a hospital. After two years as a CNA, I started attending a community college. I spent the first year on pre-reqs so that I could devote my time to nursing when I entere...
  14. Dink75

    A little humor. You might be from Illinois if...

    Those are so funny. My dad is from Illinois. He moved to Kentucky where he met my mom and lived here ever since. I remember as kids going to grandma's and everyone staring at us on the playground because we talked "funny." Same thing happens now ...
  15. Dink75

    Where are you from?

    I am from Kentucky (USA).