Anyone take the HESI?

Students HESI


what was your score?


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what's HESI!!!!!!!!!! thanks:o


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I took the HESI twice- The first time at the end of our first year and then right before graduation. The first time I got an 84.73. If we weren't in the 85th percentile we had to do review questions every week. Our grades didn't get rounded up so I spent a lot of time on the computer doing questions. The 2nd one I took before graduation I got a 91. If we didn't get in the 85th percentile we had to show proof that we were signed up for a review course. They say that if you score at least an 85 you have a 99% chance of passing boards but I don't think the HESI was anything like boards. the HESI was more like the NCLEX review books.


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We have to take a HESI after each specialty unit. We took one for OB, and Psych, and now this semester (I graduate in Dec.) we have to take a Peds., Med-Surg, and Manager of Care. I hate HESI, I hope it is not like boards. ???

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We had to take the HESI at the end of our program. We had to pass with a 85 or above, or retake,, had 3 chances to take and score passing. If you didnt pass you remediated the last semester.

I luckily only had to take it once,, scored 99.9. It was a nightmare, had no idea where they got those questions from and had no idea whether i passed or failed until it was scored.

I didnt feel it was anything like the NCLEX, NCLEX was easier and more reasonable as far as im concerned.

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its good to know that the NCLEX is easier. i scored a 96.5 on my HESI exit exam and i didnt know if that meant i had a 96.5% chance of passing or if that meant something else. im glad it measn that i have a greater chance of passing, because i missed MANY questions. i think if the HESI were to be graded in the normal fashion, i would have gotten a 74 which is NOT good. i was freaked about that.

the things i missed i MISSED like health care system and policy and oncology. i dont know JACK about those subjects. (our oncology was the last lecture and it was rushed and i need to back and actually learn it)

thanks guys for explaining things; the lectureer that i asked about this didnt know what my score meant, as this is the second semester they have used it. (i guess she should have known grrrr.)

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wait no... im looking at this and it says

HESI Score: 96.50

"your probability score of passing the NCLEX is 96.50%"

this means what? this means that i didnt do well. this means i made a 74 on the exam ( iw orked it out on my own ebcause they didnt give that score.) and made a probability score of 96.50. uhhhhhhh

all of youa re making probability scores of what?

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I found a "scoring explanation"

The chart included in your report describes your particular scores in terms of acceptable levels of performance (85) and a recommended level of performance (90).

A HESI score is NOT a percentage score. it reflects application of the HESI Predictability Model (HPM) to your particular score. Research studies have found the HPM to be highly accurate blah blah blah... scores and subject catagory scores between 85 and 90 should be seriously reviewed.

So i have a 96.50 chance of passing. EEEEEEEP!

most of my scores in the individual catagories are 99.9, but i have a 47.44 for 'safe effective enviornment," a 15.48 for health system and care policy, a 54.49 for GI/Hepatic and a 22.30 for Oncology

uh i guess i need to "seriously review" those, huh?


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It was only my own opinion that the NCLEX seemed easier after taking that HESI. I hated the HESI and the fact i even had to pay to take the darn thing. It is a probability score and i think is more for the schools benefit than anything, but yes the areas you scored low on should be reviewed. Good luck on your boards.


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I have taken a HESI for Fundamentals, Med-Surg I, Psych, OB, and Peds. HESI is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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So Geekgolightly I'm confused did you pass the Hesi test or not?

How many sections are on this test?

I take it before the end of the year.

It sounds really hard. I am now more terrified.


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I took the HESI PN and got a 99.54. I didn't think it was that hard. I didn't study for it either. I don't plan on taking the NCLEX PN, I am waiting to finish two more semesters so I can get my RN.

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