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RN as of June 2, 2006

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  1. smilin_gp

    If you're happy w/your 1st RN job ...

    I work on a surgical/telemetry floor, and really like my job. At night we typically have 4-5 patients, occasionally 6 if we are teamed with the LPN-who is a great nurse, and those nights are very smooth generally. Keeping busy though because much of the VA patient population has many comorbid conditions.
  2. smilin_gp

    Anyone worried about throwing up or passing out?

    I almost fainted while watching a PICC line placement as a student. Saw black spots and had to excuse myself out of the room holding the walls to stay upright. I think I didn't have my mask on correctly, because once I took it off and got some air, things cleared up! A week later, I managed to stick through open heart surgery, but a medical student fainted into the sterile field.
  3. smilin_gp

    Is this true about Linfield?

    Ooh this was posted awhile ago, maybe you are still interested. Yes there is a focus on community health. I did not feel shortchanged on acute care hospital time, nor do I feel unprepared for my hospital staff nurse job. Our last semester is basically a full time preceptorship in our area of choice. One thing with Linfield, if you do not choose ICU/CCU as your preceptorship area, you will not get any ICU experience.
  4. smilin_gp

    3rd time, now waiting.......

    Good luck!!
  5. smilin_gp

    CNS Programs on the West Coast?

    Hello, is anyone familiar with any reputable CNS programs on the West Coast? Are there any that allow students to complete clinicals in their home area? I am just beginning to investigate my options for working towards an advanced degree once I am more comfortable in my staff nurse role. At this point, I am interested in continuing to specialize in Med-Surg, and maybe into an area such as pain management or wound care. Any advice greatly appreciated :)
  6. smilin_gp

    VA experiences

    I've only been with the VA as a nurse since June, but I agree just about word for word with Daytonite's post. The VA that I work with does still see victim's of agent orange-particularly my floor, which specializes in posttransplant care. Many of the patients are very appreciative of their care, and many love to talk about their service history. I don't now how the pay scales work for LPN's (sorry). Where I work, LPN's are mainly working on the IV/lab draw team. There are also a few working on the acute care floors in RN-LPN teams. The pay scales are somewhat dependent on experience, but they also depend on degree-ADN vs BSN. After a year or 2 of VA experience, an ADN who started out as a new nurse in the VA would catch up to the step of the BSN. Staff nurses are usually categorized as Nurse 1. A new grad ADN would probably start at step 1 and move to step 3 in a year (I think, someone correct me if I am off the beam here), but I don't know how your LPN experience would affect this. Good luck!
  7. smilin_gp

    Average salary i can expect...

    You can also check your area hospital websites, many list available RN positions with current salaries.
  8. smilin_gp

    Problem: Abnormally large feet.

    Merrell makes a white professional enclosed shoe in large sizes.
  9. smilin_gp

    RN school and tattoos?

    Banana republic and Old Navy have these great thin 3/4 sleeve tops that are very light under scrubs, come in both white and navy blue and may do the trick covering a tattoo that goes to the elbow :)
  10. smilin_gp

    New RN's

    I graduated May 28, took boards June 1st. In my state, we get our ATT prior to actual graduation, and then it is null and void if we don't graduate at last minute. I used only the Saunders Book and the NCLEX 3500 practice question CD. Passed it :)
  11. smilin_gp

    How do you work and go to nursing school?

    Time management, taking advantage of free time, planning ahead on when to complete assignments, not allowing myself to doubt my ability to get things done
  12. smilin_gp

    I am a nurse, but I dream of....

    Owner of my own coffee shop/cafe, for which I would be "forced" to travel around the world to find new beans, flavoring, food, and decorating ideas!
  13. smilin_gp

    Sweats after night shifts

    Agreed with above poster. I also am freezing cold at night and sweating when I get home.Very odd.
  14. smilin_gp

    Third Shift Blues

    I was a wreck my first week on nights, and have now realized that at this point in my life, when tired..I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I know that this is not so for everyone, but I would never have known this before so I'm glad that I gave it a shot. Like someone else posted, I am really appreciating the one-on-one patient care time that I have at night. I really enjoy helping patients get cleaned up and comfortable. I was on day shift orientation for 6 months and never had time for this kind of care. Good luck!
  15. smilin_gp

    Just got my 1st job--Cardiac unit

    Congrats! I'm on a floor that is cardiac, transplant and surgical overflow. I am pretty new too, and my only advice is to take it all in, and when things do get busy and you feel overwhelmed, remember to ask for help, delegate, and take things one step at a time :)
  16. smilin_gp

    Sterile field contamination?

    I think this might actually be a good one for Mythbusters. I can just see it now,and what they'd have to eat to emit the various forms of gas/particle combinations!