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  1. by   amj12
    I took the Hesi as my exit exam but in my program the Hesi meant nothing to whether we would graduate or not, atleast not my class. Now classes must pass a hesi at the end of every class to move on in the program and must pass the exit Hesi to graduate (I believe they have 2 x's to take it and must be remediated). Never once did I take the Hesi seriously. No points (unless it was extra credit) were given for the test. Only one year did I pass the hesi and that was Med/Surg. Every other one I did significantly lower than the avg. score. I never studied for the Hesi, can't even say I spent that much time thinking about an answer. I pretty much always went with my gut instinct. Had I actually crackd open a book before taking any exam I would have passed with flying colors. I don't believe it is that good of a predictor for NCLEX b/c avvording to Hesi I would not pass my NCLEX..yet I did w/76 questions.
  2. by   bbb1972

    I have just joined this website. I need help from anyone out there who has taken the HESI entrance exam into the nursing program. I have just
    finished my pre req's and I'm taking the HESI in June. Anyone out there
    can give me some guidence on what books to study or if there are practice test on the net or any cd's.

    please help
    I'm having the biggest anxiety attack over this exam.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

  3. by   DestinySierra
    Hi everyone. I found a HESI review done by Anasazi in Arizona. It is at the end of September
  4. by   2btmanrn
    My suggestion would be to read and read the saunders book. Know the HESI hints from the HESI book. The style of questions is different from that of NCLEX. Do the HESI CD so you can be familiar with the format.
    Take your time with the questions. Understand the pathophysiology of diseases. Oh yea, know you math calculations. Best of luck. If you need anything PM me. Good Luck!
  5. by   futureRNJaz
    We have to pass the exit-HESI to move on to our preceptorship with atleast an 850. I got a 901...I think its the equivilent of a 90%.
  6. by   shaunte_04
    I am not sure how the hesi is scored, can someone help? What is the highest score you can make? I heard passing is a 850 but does that mean you made a 85 on the test? How is that transferred into a regular grade. Asking because the score is 20% of our grade.
  7. by   hillofbeans
    Quote from shaunte_04
    I am not sure how the hesi is scored, can someone help? What is the highest score you can make? I heard passing is a 850 but does that mean you made a 85 on the test? How is that transferred into a regular grade. Asking because the score is 20% of our grade.
    From what I can tell, having taken it twice, is that a conversion score of 80% is equal to 850. But it's hard to say what the highest score is because they say it can range from 0 to over 1000 but as much as 1500. I think it depends on which version you take and how they weight the questions from hard to easy. Hope this gives you an estimate to work from.
  8. by   rcwickman1992
    I took the HESI when I was in school for the PN program and only scored a mere upper 700s. Needless to say, it was not the passing 850 mark. I still graduated tho cuz my school does not base it all on the HESI, I had enough other points to graduate. For my RN clinicals however, I had to re-take it again. This time I didn't even study, not nervous about it (I'm already a LPN and love my job) and scored 1197. I was surprised. I guess it does help when you've already taken the NCLEX and kind of know what questions they're asking about.
  9. by   midd
    HELP! I need to take the HESI and have not been able to find good info online about the test or even the best way to prepare. I need 80% to be able to apply for nursing school! I got the Admission Assessment Exam review book (Mosby Elsevier) BUT It just does not look like a very complete book....Does anyone know of other options? any online study guides, other books, flashcards...etc...Please please let me know! Thank you!!
  10. by   yardygrl01
    I need to also take HESI to get into nursing program.Can anyone tell me what book is best to study from? I am so nervous!
  11. by   frustrated12
    Can you tell me if there is alot of chemistry and bio on the test. I am changing majors and just starting nursing and the school doesn't require these classes but the advisor told me to take them but friends who are nurses said not to waste the money and just get the study guides.???? Can someone help??
  12. by   frustrated12
    Did you take chem and bio?
  13. by   missvic
    Hi...I've been an active reader of these posts, and I want to share my frustration. I've taken the HESI three times (760, 731, 842-all 4 versions including the pretest) and I need an 850 to pass before my school can release my diploma to the state boards. When I saw my last score (842) that I took on August 4, I was so sad for weeks, even now as I type. I've done everything I could to prepare. It's so embarrassing because I have to repeat a semester while all my previous classmates have passed their boards and have awesome jobs. The next time I take the HESI is on December 15. I'm not trying to compare myself to anyone else’s success; I just want to conquer the HESI and go on to be the best nurse that I can be. God knows that I want it soooo bad!! And when I pass, I think I'm going to be the happiest person on earth!! Now I'm trying to study again, but I'm not that motivated anymore. I am thankful for the opportunity to have the chance to take it again, but I really need some motivation!