HELP!!! Got into two programs which to choose??

Nursing Students ADN/BSN


For some it may be an obvious choice so bare with me

The same old argument ADN VS. BSN

Got into two programs (military veteran cost is not a factor)

Cypress College 94% NCLEX ADN passing rate ( best ADN school in area) NLN CCNE WASC BON accredited

West Coast University 84% NCLEX BSN passing rate (private BSN trade school) CCNE WASC BON accredited

Where to go????

If cost is not an issue for your situation, I say go for the BSN. You will be more competitive in certain locations

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I think it depends on your location. Many areas are no longer hiring RNs. But, some areas would rather hire someone with an RN from a highly accredited school than someone with a BSN from some of these trade schools.

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I agree with rubato. It really depends on what employers in your area prefer. Usually, I would say "go for the BSN." But I personally, would be very hesitant to invest in a trade school education. That's especially true if there is even a remote possibility that you might want to further your education someday. I don't know anything about that particular trade school. Do major university accpet credits from that school if you want to transfer them there ... or attend school there in the future? That's the key. From what you say, it seems to have the "right" accreditations.

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If money isn't an issue, i'd probably go BSN.

I have heard that some people who go ADN then ADN-BSN can get into grad degrees easier r/t the higher last degree.

Then again I got in again even after a good early pre-nursing core and a bad nursing junior and senior years by probationary admission.

Congrats on having the options! Its lovely having at least the option!

Once upon a time I was thinking of going to WCU as a out of state student. I would say not to go there. It is a strictly for profit school which is why tuition is ridiculously high. And I've done research n some grad nursing schools are unwilling to accept the degree from there. I would go to the ADN program over WCU plus u said it had a better NCLEX pass rate

The trend in hiring is for bachelor's degree nurses. In the not-too-distant past, most job postings would say "BSN preferred" and the institution would consider - and often hire - ADN's. With the glut of nurses in most parts of the country, this has changed. Now, most institutions stipulate "BSN required" and though some will occasionally consider ADNs, these are becoming rarer. So my recommendation is to plan on the BSN, either right off the bat by enrolling in a 4-yr program or through an RN-BSN program after getting your ADN. Before I get flamed, I'm speaking as second-degree ADN who watched employment for new grads from our local CC (which has one of most competative and highly regarded programs in the area and is also one the oldest ADN programs in the country) go from nearly 100% upon graduation five yeares ago to less than 20% now (average time from grad to job is now > 12 months).

As to NCLEX pass rates, I would not base my decision on this stat. While it's generally true that better programs begat better NCLEX pass rates, if this is your most important criterion, you would be looking for a diploma program, whose rates are typically 99+%. In addition, some colleges with high NCLEX pass rates manipulate things by restricting their graduates from sitting for the boards by requiring minimum passing scores on interim exams (such as the HESI) before they will send the documentation to the state BON & PV to allow the grad to sit for the NCLEX.

As to accreditation, I would also recommend that any school you choose also have regional accreditation (e. g., Middle States, North Western, etc), in addition to NLN, CCNE, etc. This could be important if you were to go on to grad school. If your degree is from a college/university not regionally accredited, it is likely you will have difficulty getting credit for your work.

Best of luck to you.

If you are a veteran and $$$ is not a factor, why not pick a BSN at a better school? 84% NCLEX rate is very low.

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Sounds like you are in LA area??? I was having this same issue and had decided on going for an ADN but then upon further research, I quickly found out that ADN is being phased out in the los angeles area. In fact alot of hospitals that have ADN degreed nurses employed by them are starting to stress that they should go back to school to get their BSN's--some hospitals are offering tuition assistance to help their nurses get their BSN or have classes on hospital property for their ADN's to get their BSNs.

I spent about 4 hours the other day searching various hospitals job boards--Kaiser, Providence, UCLA, LA/USC, Northridge, Olive View etc, so I could get a realistic picture of what the job market looks like for ADN's. 98% of them wanted BSN RN's there were only 2 jobs that I found that were okay with ADN. The way things are going within 2 years or less the ADN will be a thing of the past in Los Angeles.

I almost applied to WCU last year...but I ended up not going there because $130,000 for nursing school??? Seriously? I can get my LVN, go back and get my BSN AND then get a Masters in Nursing for less than that!. I also know a few people who went there who gave me the low down on WCU and it was not pretty, so I was soooo happy I decided not to go there.

Check out California State University Northridge or Western Governers University for your BSN. is online but you do you clinicals and praticals in Socal hospitals that they are partnered with (Cedars-sinai, Kaiser are a couple they are affiliated with).

UCLA also has one of the top nursing programs in the country but it is a little tougher to get into and pricey but if I were to spend the $$$, I'd put it into UCLA and NOT West Coast Uni that's for sure.

CSUN and WGU are at the top of my list right now for a BSN but then again, I don't have too many other choices for a BSN program right now without spending a fortune.

Good luck to you! PM me if you want to chat more :)

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Oh so I reread your post again. I'd say even though Cypress is an ADN program, I'd go with that and then do an RN/ADN to BSN bridge program is probably your best bet. Stay away from West Coast Uni!!!

Cypress all the way, then get your RN-BSN. West Coast no way! So expensive and sooo not worth it...

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I agree with the others that said to see if you can get into a 4-year state university. Otherwise, do the ADN at Cypress and then RN-BSN.

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