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  1. ADN job outlook in CA

    Bakersfield hospitals hire new grad ADN nurses.
  2. Resume Review

    I'm going to be blunt, your resume is far too long and wordy, you don't want it longer than 1 page, some employers won't even look at it if it's over a page long. Some suggestions: Remove the entire skills section, the items you list are basic skill...
  3. Bakersfield Hospitals

    I know this post is old, but Dignity is amazing. They pay the best, have the best benefits, provide free scrubs, have break nurses that ensure you always get your breaks, and they just overall make their RNs feel valued. I moved out of state last yea...
  4. Experienced ICU RN Planning to Relocate - How Early to Apply?

    I have applied to jobs and gotten calls the next day, and I've applied and not heard back for months. Because of this, when I planned to relocate out of state, I started applying 3 months in advance. For the job that I accepted, I got a call the next...
  5. New Nurse Coping Strategies?

    As a brand-new RN in the ICU, your preceptor should 100% be glued to your hip. She should be watching your every move, giving you tips, guiding your care, asking you what types of experiences you feel you need more of. She should be asking you questi...
  6. Experienced nurse turned down several times..

    Your resume is good enough to get you the interview, which makes me think that either A) There happen to be more experienced candidates applying or they are hiring internally or B) You're not interviewing as well as you think you are. Maybe have a ...
  7. Depends on your school. The pre-req for my college was that one had to obtain a degree in human biology in order to apply for the RN program. So, 2 years full-time to obtain your bio degree, then 2 years in the ADN program = 4 years altogether, but y...
  8. Individual Attention in Nursing Class of 80 Students

    My class was around 65 students, and there was never an issue with getting additional help if needed. Like others have mentioned, your lecture classes may be full and include everyone, but your clinical groups will be much smaller. Your clinical inst...
  9. Coeur D'alene

    Kootenai (koo-ten-ee) Health is the hospital in CDA. Their benefits are crap and there is no union. So I choose to work across state lines in WA. Higher pay, better benefits, and union. It's about a 30 min commute from CDA to Spokane. Just something ...
  10. Idaho nursing

    No, ID doesn't have unions. I live in ID and choose to work across the state border in WA instead because the pay and benefits in ID are horrible.
  11. Many new grads that live in the bay area have to relocate to gain the experience necessary to land a job. It's a very over-saturated market and the hospitals have the ability to be very picky. If you are insistent on working in CA, you may have to wo...
  12. How to properly dilute morphine?

    This is really a question for your clinical instructor while you had the order and the vial in front of you. I would never recommend just administering a drug that you feel you may be drawing up incorrectly. Your instructor will appreciate your desir...
  13. bring back post preview when hovering over title!

    This option is only available in the "what's new" tab and only shows most recent post. I mostly just go into individual forums vs. what's new, so I'd prefer for it to go back to how it was with the hover preview in the forums. It was super conve...
  14. RN w/ exp. moving when should I apply for new job?

    I've applied to positions and not been called back for over a month, and I've applied to positions where they called me the next day, so when I began my out-of-state job hunt, I began applying in April for a June start date just to ensure that I'd ha...
  15. Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    The first several weeks are the worst as your family adjusts to living life without you helping out as much as they are used to. I'm not going to lie, it's rough when you have kids, BUT, you can use this time to help your kids foster their own indepe...