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  1. RNpearls1908

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    You be surprise. Compare the cost of living in California to Mississippi. Big difference therefore big difference in salary
  2. RNpearls1908

    Lack of new graduate jobs

    All depends on where you live and/or if your willing to relocate
  3. RNpearls1908

    keiser university

    Yea I plan on spending my whole career with them. And yea ur right make sure your school is regionally accredited or else ur degree means nothing. I know the one I went to Tampa campus is fully accredited
  4. RNpearls1908

    Expanding job hunt to other States

    Yea i think looking outside of your current state is a good thing. I was hired out of state, luckily for me it's with the VA hospital so I didn't have to apply for endorsement since they accept any state licensure. But I think as a new grad it is important to expand your job search to not just ur city or state provided u have the means to do so
  5. Florida ADN & BS in Health Ed. & Behavior Graduated: May 2014 Passed: NCLEX June 2014 4 Interviews from: July-August 2014 Accepeted Job Offer: August 2014 Start Nov 2014 with the VA hospital
  6. RNpearls1908

    VA Medical Center

    Hi I was offered 2 positions at 2 separate VA facilities and I am a recent new grad with a ADN and BS in health ed & behavior. Took the position now waiting for salary. So yes as a new grad ADN u can get hired. For me it was not hard. I applied and around 2 weeks later had an interview. IDK about the shift dilemma u heard about but when i was interviewed and offered the position I was brought on to work nights 12 hour shifts and they never mentioned shifts changing to shorter ones
  7. RNpearls1908

    keiser university

    Thanks. And good luck
  8. RNpearls1908

    keiser university

    I am a recent graduate this past April. Just a heads up even though your only taking 2 classes a semester they are very demanding. You won't have much time to work. Your gonna have clinical, homework, ATI, and exams. Your class schedule changes a lot. And each semester gets harder. But Keiser is a good school. In my opinion. Passed the NCLEX in June with 75 questions. Received 4 new grad residency job offers. And now I am going to be working for the VA hospital.
  9. RNpearls1908

    VA Hiring Process

    Also I did not contact recruiter. One posting was open only for 2 weeks and the other was continuous opening. But i got offered both hospitals. And I'm also a new grad so don't give up hope
  10. RNpearls1908

    VA Hiring Process

    From when I applied to interview around 2 weeks. And job offer from thsat point 3 weeks
  11. RNpearls1908


    Thanks for sharing
  12. RNpearls1908

    New grad RN into ICU

    Morning everyone. I too am coming up on graduation and have the desire to work in the ICU. I still have 2 weeks till O start precepting but other than the ACLS are there anyother certifications I should get? Wasnt sure if I could obtain the NIH stroke scale before being hired
  13. RNpearls1908

    NCLEX Study Tips Requested Please

    @tiffany could you please send me your notes as well. I would greatly appreciate it. mayahp22@yahoo.com
  14. RNpearls1908

    NCLEX Study Tips Requested Please

    Hey Tiffany just now seeing this post. I woukd greatly appreciate if you could email me your study tips as well. Thanks in advance. mayahp22@yahoo.com
  15. RNpearls1908

    What is the grading in you school

    Anything less than a 76% and 7 ppl have failed cuz they're avg was a 75% tragic smh just in the first semester
  16. RNpearls1908

    Never Interrupt Mom While She's On allnurses.com

    I'm not a mom but I find myself on this more than Facebook, Twitter, n instagram its an addiction a good one however.