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Aussierules1985 has 6 years experience and specializes in Clinic NP.

I'm a dual Australian and United States Citizen (hence the random name).

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  1. Decent new grad pay

    I can guarantee its not just women... I was just young, inexperienced, and in a very poor area. I did what I had to. I needed the experience. When my wife moved to a real market; the wage went way up. Agree with the discussing pay etc. I do too.
  2. Am I really a NP if I do laser hair removal?

    I work in an area that is not generally well accepted/well thought of. In my opinion do what makes you happy, personally I'm too new for quitting yet(low experience to move to my desired area), but fully plan to in another year(only 2 total since gra...
  3. Education Career

    This is exactly the reason I haven't applied for teaching; they all are M-F during the working hours... I'm dying inside to try teaching, it just sounds like so much fun to me. I wish I could help you... Good luck though!!
  4. Recent NWCC graduate

    Unfortunately, I seem to think that the critical fail outside of academically passing is everywhere. I understand the purpose, but it is indeed ridiculous. I started nursing way before I was ready to study, and had trouble... but I figured it out. ...
  5. Where are all those desperate new grads?

    Good luck on the search! I wish I would have known how to search as well as some of you guys. It took me nearly three months, ever since then its a breeze! But experience, and as discussed, moving, is a big plus!
  6. Just got accepted to the Hinds Spring 2014 ADN Program

    If you have any idea what you want to do, or may want to do, start talking to those places sooner rather than later, perhaps take a MA job if you're up for it. IMO may help put you on the map for interviews. If they like you as an MA, generally if th...
  7. FNP the good, bad and ugly (if any)??

    Money. Security. Options. Annoying patients, more annoying management, more so annoying having to manage my staff.
  8. Can anyone relate to delay in providing employee contract?

    I'm pretty new in this area too, but I must say, if you haven't signed, i'd be gone... No pay.. no provider. My clinics are exploding in hiring, but the management is a little unorganized; they didn't pay my co-worker PA when he was promised to star...
  9. NP Programs that Provide Preceptors

    Ole Miss (FNP provides preceptors)! And whatever school you're thinking about in the North, we're cheaper! ... and warmer in Winter! Good luck!
  10. The Florida job market cannot be this bad?!

    Yep, mobility was huge. I got a local job where I graduated, then got a 40% pay bump up north! Did you try temping in an indian reservation or something? I mean idk, but they have temp gigs for sure there. May want to look into those. IMO. (I know y...
  11. Best area for RN experience prior to becoming FNP

    Networking is the most important thing.
  12. Collaborative Agreement

    My new regional manager wants me to write up a collaborative agreement, besides following the monthly requirement of seeing me, and the chart requirement for the state, what do you guys normally put in these? This is totally the first time writing o...
  13. Need some advice from my fellow NPs

    Good luck! PS yeah it happens way too much!
  14. FNP new grad -- offered a GI job -- should I take it?

    Having to be forced to stay in an area is a serious limitation to finding a good job. Personally i'd take it if you like the work and the people. Finding ideal jobs are hard to come by straight out. They never offer great pay that early IMO... but af...
  15. DNP....Is it worth it for me????

    I love y'alls situation. I would never worry about the money IMO. My wife's a resident in surgery, in this country unless your/your significant others family is extremely wealthy you are going to med schools usually on loans. Do what you want, now, b...