Have ppl given you nursing "items"?

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I've been given a key chain from my mom for Christmas that says nurses have heart. It's so cute and I told her I was afraid to put it on and she said she gave it to me because she knows I will become a nurse. But it freaks me out, I'm so superstitious and worried that if I get something like that, I won't get into nursing school. Weird I know.

Has anyone else recieved gifts like this or have friends that already refer to you as a nurse?


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I haven't been given nursing gifts, but I've had people say, "You're a nurse; what should I do?" Then I have to remind them that, no, I'm not a nurse; I'm a nursing STUDENT. Then I suggest they call their doctor.


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my mom gave me a necklace with a charm that is the nursing symbol...i wear it everyday...she tucked a note inside that said

"everytime you look in the mirror and see this around your neck, you will always remember what you are fighting to acheive" i thought it was soo sweet, i wear it everyday, and you know something? she was right. any time i look in the mirror and see laying against my skin it keeps it in the front of my mind what and why i'm trying to get into nursing school for. :D


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The 3 things I have received as gifts that are "nursing" related are a stethescope my mother got me LAST Christmas which was a full 8 months before I even started the program, and was also before I knew whether I was accepted or not; a pocket medical dictionary from my friend at the completion of our Phys class, which was sort of like a congrats gift; and a pair of Dansko nursing shoes from my parents this year for Christmas.

My father says I am a nurse...he feels I am one already whether I have finished the program or not. Yeah, I've had people ask me medically related questions, too...mostly family members...I tell them they should see their doctor as well. After all, I will be a NURSE not a DR.!:D


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For Christmas I received a Boyds bear that says #1 nurse on it. It was a gift from a RN at work. She said she had no doubts about me making it through nursing school. I start Jan 26th. I guess as long as you don't claim to be a nurse yet it is ok. Nancy


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"You're a nurse; what should I do?"

I had that happen to me while taking pre req's. A youth teacher at church came to me when a little girl got hurt, and said "I know you're in school to be a nurse, will you help her (the little girl)" I said "I'm in school, but all I've taken so far is math!" It was something minor, and anyone with common sense would have known to just go get the child's parents.


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I get the "you're going to be a nurse...what do you think..." a lot.

Only nursing stuff I got was a steth from my step-mom (which I needed for my CNA class anyway) and the book "Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul" from my husband for Christmas.


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No nursing gifts yet for me, but some pretty wild free advice questions. The other day someone asked me if I thought their baby will be healthy when it's born! I told her I wished her all the best, but only her obstetrician would be able to answer that question. I've been asked about balloon angioplasty procedures, toxemia, circumcision, medications, and other things. I try to answer questions to the best of my knowledge, but also explain that I'm not a true nurse yet and should really speak with their doctor for the correct details.


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I got a nursing pin from hubby's aunt for christmas. And I get "you're a nurse....." and that gets followed by some EXTREMELY complex medical question. or the "you're a nurse.." and some insanely idiotic question, like what size bandaid should I put on?

I feel a little superstitious too.


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My mom, who loves to frequent the thrift shops picked up a coffee mug that said Best Nurse in the Business. Made me wonder if the previous owner of the cup might have been having a bad day and pitched it! :chuckle Thanked my mom, but reminded her it would be a while before I could say I was a nurse at all, let alone the best :rolleyes:

A couple of weeks later she brought me a coffee mug that says Nursing Student all around the outside. Now THAT was cool! :D

I get asked medical questions all the time, too. Some of which I can answer, surprisingly. A lot of the time I refer them to their doctor. I always remind them I am NOT a nurse...yet! I tell them not to take my word for it, I am just a lowly student, what do I know? :p

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When I was in nursing school, a classmate wore a gold pendant that said RN.

I told her I thought it was really bad form, as she had not yet earned the right to call herself RN!

She was a little offended but did stop wearing the pendant until we graduated.


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Originally posted by Hellllllo Nurse

When I was in nursing school, a classmate wore a gold pendant that said RN.

I told her I thought it was really bad form, as she had not yet earned the right to call herself RN!

She was a little offended but did stop wearing the pendant until we graduated.

I agree. I don't want to use the term nurse or RN until I'm working and passed my NCLEX. I love the keychain but I'm going to hang it on my cork board above my desk to remind me what I'm working towards.

I also get the "your a nurse" thing a lot. Recently at a friends wedding, one of the brides maids had her toenail torn off while dancing (it was a wild wedding). Me and another bridesmaid helped her by getting alcohol, bandaids and some 3x abx ointment. I'm a RDA so I have a pretty good grasp on what to do and the other bridesmaid with me is a recent grad RN. The whole time ppl were coming over to see if she was ok and she kept telling ppl, it's ok, I have 2 nurses. I didn't want my RN friend to think I was acting as a nurse but she turns to me and says, don't bother, Julie did the same thing to me while I was still a student.

Now that I hear all these stories, I don't feel so bad about it any more!

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