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Hi everyone how are you guy doing :) ?

Fine I hope.

Please help me! All of my things are coming out of my bookbag. The worst part is yet to come :uhoh3: . Right now, I have two classes which has two books each, two notebooks each, rings of notecards, folders, and pens, paper and etc. Next semeter it will be four classes and more stuff. With clinicals things and books, my poor arm is going to fall off :chuckle . What do you use for comfort and space?

Please help, how do you guys carry all that stuff to school?

Any Opinions, advice, anything to help is welcome.

Thanks :)


Katnip, RN

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Do you really need to tote your books for every class around? I found that I rarely needed the books with me.

I kept my pens, pencils and highliters, and stickies in a pencil pouch so I wasn't digging at the bottom of my pack for them. Spiral notebooks with pockets eliminated the need for separate folders for classes. I never took notecards with me to class, either.

However, if you find you really need to take everything along, consider a rolling backpack, or a really, really good ergonomic backpack.


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I've read that over and over, people saying they rarely need their books. I'm wondering if this is a nursing program thing (I don't start until Sept), because I know in all my pre-req classes I needed my books with me. We were always having to refer to this section, or this page, etc.. not to mention needing them with me so I could do assignments or study btw classes. And no, sorry, I have no words of wisdom -- I used to do a lot of running back and forth to my car to change out. Luckily I got to school really early in the morning so I was able to get a parking spot close to the door of the building where I was almost all day.

stressgal, RN

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I use a rolling backpack and/or several bags, running to my car between classes when there is time. I too take my flash cards with me everywhere. I also carry my lunch, water bottle and every office supply you can imagine. A good idea to lighten things up a bit is to find classmates you attend classes with and trade off bringing the book to class. You can always share. Many of my classmates have moved up to small rolling suitcases. I will probably do the same once my backpack wears out.

It's amazing, you can always tell the nursing students by the size of their bookbags.

maire, ASN, RN

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I have 2 bags - a "classroom" bag and a "clinical" bag. The first is a roller job with a ton of room and lots of pockets. The second is just a regular sized backpack to throw my clinical stuff in (and lunch fits in there too *grin*).

jschut, BSN, RN

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Answer: Rolling backpack. And although we don't use our books every class, I have found when I DON'T bring it is the day we need it! :) So I take 'em every day!

suzy253, RN

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when i started school, I thought I was going to have to haul my big heavy nursing books around with me too so I purchased a rolling back pack type thingy. Turned out I didn't need it. Most of the classes we didn't need the book with us. but I do have a tote bag for the ones I want to carry my book with me. Also have a clinical bag as well filled with lots of things!


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Your local mountaineering/hiking outfitters should be able to tell you where you can hire a trained Llama. Llamas are very good at carrying big, heavy loads, and stairwells are no problem for them, as they are used to climbing up and down rocky mountain passes. The only downside to a Llama, is that they tend to cause quite a stir in the classroom, and are also not very well house-trained (carry a shovel). An alternative is to hire a human sherpa - however, these are a lot more pricey than Llamas, but have the advantage of not pooping all over the place. :rotfl:

Seriously - I think the rolling suitcase is the only way to go!

Best wishes, Paint.

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Your local mountaineering/hiking outfitters should be able to tell you where you can hire a trained Llama...

Liked it! :)

suzy253, RN

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i like llamas! :chuckle

nursedawn67, LPN

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I've seen people use those small rolling suitcases when I was in nursing school.


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Hi it's me broke arm

Thanks to everyone for your ideas.

And a Special:balloons:


:rotfl: to Paint

I needed that

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