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Harsh nurses


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Maybe you could try going to a different school? There will always be road blocks and difficulty. How bad do you want this? You have to figure out how to keep pressing forward to get what you want! Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. ..including your self. At my current clinical rotation, one wing likes us, the other wing won't allow us to do anything! Complete waste of a clinical day....so we rotate. We encourage each other. Okay. ...so you came to a road block. ..now my dear, you figure out what are you going to do to finish what you started?


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One of my instructors was hard on me and I at first took it as she was just being a snot and hated me but I talked to her about it and I was enlightened. She told me she was hard on me because she knew I could do far better than I was doing. She was using tough love to push me to work harder. After she explained that to me I took her wrath as a serious compliment and stepped my game up.

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anger and frustration is a normal feeling. Reflection as a nurse is very important. My clinical instructors all work full time, one is an ED nurse and the other is a critical care nurse. My faculty have both worked many years at the bedside and decided they wanted to give back to nursing by being educators. And, yes we took a big cut in pay to become educators, by our own choice. I am not going to say that there are not bad teachers out there, because there certainly are, just as there are many nurses who still are involved in the "Eating of our Young". If we did not have nurse educators there would be no nursing students, then where would we be? I spent 35 years at the bedside when I decided it was time for me to give back. Being angry will not secure your future in nursing. Self reflection will help you look at what happened. I do not fail students, they fail themselves, by not being open minded, willing to listen and learn. Meet with the instructors to discuss concerns and issues. Being in denial will not help with progression. Many of us have thought the same when we were young " teachers teach because they can't do" now that I am there, I know this is not true. There are some that fit into this category, but those are the minority. Take a deep breath and step back from the raw feelings you are having. If you truly want to be a nurse, and have the passion for it, please do some self reflecting. Nursing school and being a nurse is not easy, you have peoples lives in your hands and you must be able to critically think, and be safe, you can not do this when you are angry. You will meet many co-workers and physicians that may not treat you the way you want or think you should be treated. We have all paid our dues. That said, I hear what you are saying, but that attitude held on to will not help you long term. Good Luck