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  1. Cream and sugar LPN

    LPN over RN

    HA! I needed to address this post... Some of your advice is not based on experience whatsoever, rather it's an inaccurate opinion on a nursing program you have never completed and a job you have never even done. Not to mention it's rather rude to imply that LPNs are really wanna be RNs that had to take this route because we have learning disabilities, needed easy testing and cannot handle the demands or the work load! Seriously? Let me educate you on what really goes down on a typical day! Tomorrow morning I will start my shift at 7am taking care of 28 patients on a busy skilled nursing and rehab unit who all need to be medicated before 9am with morning meds - 2 of which are actively dying, 3 more are on hospice, 2 are status post hip replacement, 1 has cdiff and is on isolation precautions, the new guy is confused from his UTI and is exit seeking, 1 gtube on TPN, many of them have COPD, CHF, CKD, dementia, and a history of strokes. While I casually handle this light load I have 2 care plan meetings to attend with family members and the Dr will be in to do rounds and stack the nurses station with new orders, that will need to get noted into the computer. My med pass will be stopped multiple times while I answer a multitude of questions from PT, OT, recreation, the MDS coordinator, speech therapy and the RN supervisor. The Hospice nurses pop in on their own schedule and need questions answered regarding medications and recommendations, the fax machine will be sending me labs, it's 10am and I'll have to remind myself to take a few minutes to order those needed medications, and get my treatments done, family members of dying patients will need my support along with all the other family and friends of the other patients that will have numerous questions and demands and nothing has even gone wrong yet! It is simply not fair for someone who is non nursing to give advice.
  2. Cream and sugar LPN

    Help a new LTC nurse

    This sounds like my first facility job, heavy med pass, lots of diabetics and neb treatments and to top it off I would have to park my cart at meals as well just like you describe, stop my med pass and start serving trays and pouring coffee in the dining room. I was run down and never got to eat. Try small skilled nursing facilities that are part of assisted living. They are smaller, are more selective on who they admit and take pride in there facilities. It's a world of difference, trust me. Get your resume out there.
  3. Cream and sugar LPN

    Whats your current pay n it is ltc snf rehab etc

    Yes, the cost of living is extremely high!
  4. Cream and sugar LPN

    CNA vs. PCA vs. HHA

    I'm very confused, since when is a HHA permitted to administer medications, let alone morphine? None of this makes any sense, please explain?
  5. Cream and sugar LPN

    LPN student, want to quit my job as a Nursing Aide?

    I agree with scottishtape, just be sure to give proper notice- you never know who knows who in this business, people in administration move around a lot. I've had the same DNS twice already and the positions were an hour driving apart! It happens! And I'm so sorry about your grandmother❤️
  6. Cream and sugar LPN

    Does cna experience count?

    If it says 1 year of nursing experience is needed, then 2 years experience as a cna does not qualify as experience. In home health you will be working solo. That's not the safest option for a new nurse. Your best transition into this field is to get a job in skilled nursing around other nurses. Have you applied for a nursing job where you got your cna experience? I would start there.
  7. Cream and sugar LPN

    Anyone hear about the CT State LPN programs...

    Suspended due to not achieving the min. 80% pass rate for the nclex- pn as determined by the BON. From what I remember the pass rates for all the state programs before shut down were as low as 50%.
  8. Cream and sugar LPN


    Anything over 15 minutes late to clinical while I was in school and the instructors showed you the door. We would watch people running from the parking lot to get in on time. Our instructor had her eye on her watch at all times! Anything over 5 min late during an exam and you sat in another room while everyone finished. You then lost 10 points off the top.
  9. Cream and sugar LPN

    Too old to go into nursing??

    RN or LPN? I do not have experience with your particular program but I can help put your mind at ease regarding age. I was the second oldest student in my LPN program. I graduated at 40. The oldest started at 47. After we all got to know each other we both took on a leadership role within our group of 20somethings. It's somewhat a struggle to find your first nursing job. Some people are lucky but for most it takes time. You WILL have to apply everywhere. You do have to be persistent. It is what it is.
  10. Cream and sugar LPN

    Anyone planning to start a family before Nursing School or has?

    No need to get salty. Your plans do sound genius so I'll leave you to it. Best of luck getting into nursing school and the house flipping! I'm sure since your unemployed and your husband has an "okay" job everything will be smooth sailing. If by some chance you travel back to our planet before September arrives maybe stop by your local community college for a remedial english course. I've wasted enough time on this.
  11. Cream and sugar LPN

    Anyone planning to start a family before Nursing School or has?

    This isn't the first time you've responded rudely to a poster who disagrees with you. Part of being a good nurse is the ability to hear constructive criticism. Id adjust your temper sooner than later as you'll get plenty of that in nursing school. If your first response is a "don't rain on my parade" attitude it will not go in your favor. From someone whose been around slightly longer, is married (and still living under the same roof) and finished nursing school while mothering 3 kids my opinion is your plan has more holes than Swiss cheese.... The problem here is YOU don't know what you don't know. Good luck with your plans!
  12. Cream and sugar LPN

    Anyone planning to start a family before Nursing School or has?

    Woah hold on a minute... First and foremost by reacting like this your giving the impression that your slightly defensive. I think your plan to move 4 hrs away from your spouse to attain your LPN when you yourself wrote that you believe it is "settling" IS erratic behavior. It's not a normal notion in any way to put distance from your husband for something you have so little respect for. Here's your quote... "Or just settle for my LPN but still what's really the deference from my CMA." Actually there's a big difference but that's a whole other story.. Also from your post I see red flags ALL over the place that tell me your not ready. You have too many plans going on at once. You want a baby, you want to flip houses, you want to do LPN so you can get your RN. LPN is not a necessary stepping stone to get your RN. And if your not all that interested in it save your time and money and get your RN. And to conclude: 29 is NOT old, I'm 40! I "settled" for LPN school at the ripe old age of 39...IMAGINE THAT
  13. Cream and sugar LPN

    It was just a matter of time....

    OP- Nursing school will be over before you know it. I wouldn't waste valuable time involving yourself in any way with drama. All that wasted time would be better suited to focusing on your studies and seeking out opportunities in clinical.
  14. Cream and sugar LPN

    What Can't You Live Without?

    A sense of humor🤓
  15. Cream and sugar LPN

    ATI Comprehensive Predictor PN help

    National mean is 68.4%
  16. Cream and sugar LPN

    CNA first then RN?

    Lpn is obviously quicker but it's a very condensed program so it's usually 35 give or take hours a week. Depends on your state. I've heard of them as short as 10months and up to 18 months long. It varies. The shorter the program the more crammed the subject matter will be. You can take a bridge to ADN but it won't shorten the program that much in terms of time. You can also start by getting the Lpn and then take an online Lpn-BSN. Around here LPN's make decent money. The ADN programs are run 25% by top choice the other 75% is lottery. Many are wait listed. If you want to start working as a nurse sooner go for Lpn. You'll here all this hype that they can't find jobs.. That they are being phased out, etc, etc. It's all baloney. I know many Lpns. They all found work right out of school. Many in LTC, sub acute and hospice. Whatever you choose just make sure you have trustworthy child care. These programs are timed. You start with X amount of time. You cannot run over or you will be dismissed. So have a plan A and a plan B in place! As far as lpn- RN yes experience can help you. If you go to a state run school credits may transfer. Private run lpn programs will not. Cna-RN will not really benefit you. CNAs are not nurses. There are no credits to transfer and experience will only help you in terms of ADLs and transfers. You'll learn all that very early on in fundamentals your first few weeks of the 1st term.