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  1. enuf_already

    04/09 WILTW: Confused LOLs

    Hugs to you Viva.
  2. enuf_already

    Epidemic Halted With Hypnosis!

    I think Joe forgot to include the disclaimer that he is a certified hypnotist according to his profile. He may have a little bias to his claims.
  3. enuf_already

    Is tipping allowed?

    Yes...but I have the time (wink wink).
  4. enuf_already

    How to get into developmental disability nursing?

    Call your local board of DD. If you have a children's hospital near you, look there. Consider volunteering at a special needs summer camp in your area (not necessarily as a nurse) to find out where the clients hang out during their non-camp time. There are special needs daycare facilities in some areas or live-in group homes for medically fragile children. Call Autism and Down Syndrome organizations in your area. Also see if there are local developmental pediatricians. These jobs may not be easy to obtain as a new graduate nurse, but your experience in the field can't hurt. Hope this helps! Best wishes!
  5. enuf_already

    A Day in the Life of an RN?

    Skills needed can vary depending on what type of nursing you choose to practice. The best skill is good communication with your team (including MDs, NPs, patients and families and coworkers). I have worked in a variety of settings and honestly, there is no typical day. Some days go better than others and some days I question why I really want to be a nurse. In spite of this, I continue to go back the next day and the next. Thirty-five plus years and no two days are alike. Just when you think you've seen it all, you will see something new. Nursing is about constantly learning new things, learning how to adapt to new situations (new equipment, hostile patients, new diseases), and learning how to care for yourself so you don't burn out. Depending on where you work, you will see things you will never be able to forget (both good and bad). You may witness a patient fight with everything they have to live just one more day. You may also witness the tragedy of what one human being can do to another (shaken baby, stabbings, domestic violence, elder abuse). Being a nurse can be difficult, rewarding, challenging, and frustrating all within the same day. My experience may differ from my coworkers. That's part of what makes being a nurse a unique experience. Good luck to you!
  6. enuf_already

    Is tipping allowed?

    They'd lower our wage to $1.50 an hour and tell us to make up the difference with tips. That'd teach us to use those customer service friendly scripts.
  7. This may help you. Great article by The Commuter https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/i-completed-a-912463.html
  8. enuf_already

    The film: Vaxxed.

    LadyFree, I meant no offense to you in my post. I realized that you were talking about genetic testing regarding pregnancy while my post was after they were born. My point was that even with genetic testing, we really do not know what causes autism as in there is not a specific autism gene. We often have families who want to know if we can just do a blood test to confirm autism. Genetics is a fascinating field and prenatal testing (either done before parents decide to conceive or via amnio) has allowed us to prepare and educate families. I do believe that we will find there are multiple genes involved with autism, not just one. Again, no offense meant. I always enjoy the information you share.
  9. enuf_already

    Masters Degree with no experience in nursing ?

    Anything you want to do. What are your interests?
  10. enuf_already

    The film: Vaxxed.

    Autism is a behavioral diagnosis. Fragile X is a genetic diagnosis. When kids are diagnosed with an ASD, we usually do genetic testing to see if they have any genetic disorders. Fragile X is but one genetic disorder associated with autism. (The National Fragile X foundation website confirmed this also). Kids with disorders such as Down Syndrome and Tuberous Sclerosis also have a higher incidence of autism, but not everyone with autism has Fragile X, Tuberous Sclerosis, or Down Syndrome. I will add that many insurance companies have now balked on paying for some genetic tests for kids with developmental delays or disabilities citing testing will not change the treatment or the outcome.
  11. enuf_already

    The film: Vaxxed.

    Last time I checked, there was no test for autism that could pre-determine whether a child was affected in utero. There is no blood test for autism. I work in the field and have a child with autism. Autism testing is done through multi-factored observation and testing. There is the ADOS and the GARS. We usually don't test kids or diagnose them until around age 2. A few might be tested earlier, but it is not the norm. And yes, my child is fully vaccinated, would be again, and no, I don't think my child has autism because of vaccines.
  12. enuf_already

    Supervisor nit picks again

    Betweenus64, you made the comment that it takes a great supervisor to guide you to be a great nurse. I actually disagree. In my career, I've had one great supervisor. One in over 35 years and I only had her for 3 months. The rest have been anywhere from mediocre to terrible. The one thing that made me a great nurse was me. I sought out learning opportunities on my own. I learned what it was that my supervisor found important for me to do and focused on being able to always say I at least tried to get that task accomplished or issue resolved. Don't let your supervisor affect you this way and have so much power over your happiness. Get counseling from someone who can help guide you through this. I think you dislike this person so much that she is going to annoy you now no matter what she does. I get it. You can only fix you. Take care.
  13. enuf_already

    NRSE 4600 Starting on Aug 26

    Hiker--I graduated from this program several years ago and requirements for each class constantly changed. Go by your syllabus and rubric because it may be very different from the one in 2013. You will be graded on the current requirements. If you don't understand something, contact your TA.
  14. enuf_already

    Mean Nursing Facilitators

    Likely for the same reason that some students are over-confident and think they know more than they actually do. Of course the nurses teaching you demand perfection. In nursing, mistakes cost lives or extend hospital stays. In any field in which you work, there will be people who you don't like or they don't like you. You make the best of it and move on. It's part of being professional and mature.
  15. enuf_already

    The hamster is loose.

    The teacher can tell the class that all is well. Hammie left with his homie in a Kia Soul doin' the Hamster Rap.
  16. enuf_already

    Future of marijuana/medical marijuana in nursing?

    In an outpatient setting, the physician would write the Rx, hand it to the patient, and my responsibility as a nurse would be zero. I guess I could potentially provide patient education, but like any other medication prescribed for home use, I can educate about it but never have contact with it or the Rx. Knowing the government, they will regulate who can prescribe so they can get their cut of the revenue, so I doubt that every MD will be able or for that matter desire to be licensed to prescribe marijuana.