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Hey all, I'm gearing up for summer classes, the first in my BSN program and wanted some input on group studying techniques! I'v had little experience studying with others on a regular basis, but I've heard and tend to agree that studying in groups is more beneficial. What do ya'll think or what have you learned from your experiences? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


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If you can get your study group to actually study, then I think they are great.. But alot of times you end up getting onto different subjects and not getting any studying done..


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I think study groups for studying for an exam are's an opportunity to kind of test one cool thing to do, is that have everyone come up with "test" questions....then exchange them...good study tool. It can be hard to stay disciplined though!


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I prefer to keep the study group to one or two people besides myself. It makes life so much easier. If you have a large group there seems to be way more goofing off than studying.

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I don't usually study in groups. I have found that most of the time it turns into a gripe session. I study on my own, and if I have questions I call one of my classmates--and they will also call me if they have questions. I know some of them study in groups, and I guess that works for those who do!

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I'm not a group studier either. After all these years, I've finally figured out what works for me, and I just need to sit down and do it! On the other hand, I do like going over assignments with other people once I've started mine.


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Wow. And I thought I was the only unsocial one.

While I'm sure there might be a study group somewhere out there that works, I have never seen it first hand. Most end up being social groups that will hurt your progress rather than help. Or else someone in the group drags everyone else down. In my opinion, you're much better going off to an out-of-the-way corner of the library and working by yourself. If you DO go the study group route, get in with some folks who are just as serious as you. If the group turns out to be hurting you, bail. If a memeber starts to drag the others down, don't be bashful about cutting them loose.

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I do much better with a study group. We did keep it small. There were 4 of us that would study together. We did our homework together and then we would switch and proof-read papers or check answers to chapter questions. Then we would discuss answers together. As well as trading ideas. We would work together to come up with ways to remember illness or norms. Since I have been in online classes I have not had study groups and it is harder for me to find time to study. Good luck. You know you can always be in one, and if you don't like it stop going. Just a thought.



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Thanks all for the replies. I too am more of an independent student but I look forward to attempting the "group" thing! Have a great weekend everyone!

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I think they can be benificial if everyone actually does what they came for- study! LOL I know I am the type who like to just talk and sometimes get to lazy to study. I do better on my own and make excellent grades. But I do think a *good* study group can only be benifical cause you get a different prespective on things, etc.



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I too prefer to study on my own BUT it is extremely beneficial to get together in a group before a test. I found that often others in the group would have something to add that I didn't pick up on.

Just have guidelines before you meet. For instance, our school has "objectives" for each module. We go over the objectives listed, having each person take an objective and discussing it, then others adding anything they may have overlooked. DO include some social time to get all the gossip / griping out of the way so you can really STUDY.


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i perfer to study alone. if i reach something i didn't understand or needed more clarification, i seek help from other students first and then the instructors.

it would distrubed me greatly if one would come to the study session unprepared, only to have others inform one of everything and not provide any significant contribution of one's own.

a study group means, i feel, to have studied and be ready for "discussion" not read at the session.

i need a quite environment and to have this, i study alone.

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