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Month-Long Nurses Week Celebration Starts Today! Nurses Week Contest #6

You ever had those moments that you just want to barf? Of course you have! In this glorious Nurses Week contest, I want you to make us do just that. ? Is that too disgusting? 'Cmon. This will be fun. Share your 'Oh gross' moment and you can win a $100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of allnurses Ebooks

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Specializes in Addictions, psych, corrections, transfers.

I'm psych nurse. I was walking down the hall and from far away I noticed    nicely-formed equally-spaced brown balls leading into a pt's room. I couldn't tell what they were until I got close. I went in for a closer look and followed the trail to find the line continued into the pts bathroom, where I found the pt intricately rolling his own feces into balls, sitting by a pile of feces on the floor with a big smile on his face and humming to himself. I have to say I was impressed but also completely grossed out! He said he was helping them find their home. 

Specializes in Psych (25 years), Medical (15 years).

Your post, angeloublue, caused me to remember a situation that occurred some years back. I was chatting with my favorite grocery store checker...



I shouldn't be laughing but I'm screaming at some of these posts. ?

Specializes in Psych (25 years), Medical (15 years).
21 minutes ago, NurseBlaq said:

I shouldn't be laughing but I'm screaming at some of these posts.

No, that's good, NurseBlaq, because that's what's expected.

Now, if the posts start screaming back, that's another story.

Specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics.
On 4/14/2021 at 1:00 AM, Vegan in California said:

 We use up all the wipes and half the towels in the unit as he keeps pooping as we clean. The CNA says it's the most poop she has seen in her career. She uses the wall suction, and the canister is filled to the brim with liquid poop.

I've used the suction canister to remove the entire liquid feeding that went into the bed instead of into the G tube. He was swimming . . .

Specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics.

I'm sitting here, eating a sandwich, and laughing at these stories. ?

I'm a nurse!

Specializes in OR RN.

I am an RN in an OR for over 20 years. While prepping a patient’s abdomen for a procedure, I could not get a plug of dirt out of the umbilicus using q-tips. So, I used a forcep to remove the dirt plug and then used the q-tips to properly clean the umbilicus with Chloraprep. When removing the q-tips, a dead fly came out of their umbilicus. 

Specializes in Physiology, CM, consulting, nsg edu, LNC, COB.
6 hours ago, Kitiger said:

I'm sitting here, eating a sandwich, and laughing at these stories. ?

I'm a nurse!

Yeah, there are times when I can't tell my sweet husband why I am sitting at my desk laughing. I did once and he said, "I don't think that's funny."

We've been binge-watching ER lately and I have to explain some of the jokes there too.

Specializes in ER/Trauma.

Working on a Med-surg floor, had a lady with multiple issues, including having a trach and having a major flare of c. diff. She was on heavy duty antibiotics that resulted in, surprise, a yeast infection in her nether region. She had a yankouer with suction on at all times because she kept coughing up phlegm out her trach. Went in for daily Med rounds, she was using the yankouer to suction the yeast infection...drainage...out of her lady parts and to scratch at the itch. I’ll be damned if she didn’t make eye contact with me and cough, then suction her trach *with the same yankouer*.  I was left speechless ? ??

Specializes in Geriatrics.

When I was in nursing school I was in the ICU assisting the Dr to assess a pt with necrotizing fasciitis. Most of their upper thigh and groin was affected all the way to tendon and bone. I was holding their leg up while the Dr flushed the wound with multiple bottles of NS. There was a drape directing everything into a basin on the floor. As I was standing there, I started feeling dampness on my leg. I looked down to see all of the exudate running down my white scrubs into my shoe! Luckily there were other nurses assisting. One grabbed the leg and another rushed me into the restroom. She stripped me down and gave me a "bath" with sani-wipes. I ended up going home in ICU scrubs and borrowed crocs. I was terrified for weeks that I would develop an infection since I had a razor cut on my ankle, but thank God I was OK. Now I do wound care because if I can handle that, I can handle anything! 

Specializes in NCSN.

I had an older man get so mad at the doctor while I was in the room he pulled out his IV and then his cath...with the ballon still inflated. His scream and the fountain of blood and urine still haunt me over a decade later. 

Specializes in Specializes in L/D, newborn, GYN, LTC, Dialysis.

when I worked in an OB/GYN office, we found interesting things being used as pessaries for prolapsed uteri. The worst I ever saw was a potato. No big deal, you say? Well this one had grown roots and was pretty well planted! THAT was gross to me.

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