Greetings From SpankedInPittsburgh

Nurses Recovery


Hello all:

Boy have I missed you guys!!!

I have been concentrating on finishing my DNP studies and got done yesterday. So I finally graduated. YAY!!!

Anyway, you wonderful folks will now be subject to my nonsensical ramblings once again.

Much Love


Yeah, we need some Spanked around here! Glad to see you. :smug:

Hi Spanked!


Congratulations!! I was wondering why I haven't seen you around here lately welcome back!

Congratulations spanked!! I have wondered several times where the heck you've been!! I have finished my term in monitoring hell while you were away! I got out officially 3 weeks earlier than my official end date, so I am FREE! It is nice! A huge load of stress off my back.

Welcome back! We miss your comments.

YAY!!! Recovering. One of those afflicted with the disease that is monitoring granted a reprieve. I'm glad you are outta this BS

Were you on board order? Dang. I would love to finish early!

No I finished my DNP program not PNAP. I still got a year & a half to go on that count

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Can I ask what school you went thru? I'm considering Touro out of Nevada because they count all clinical hours attained at the masters level so I have them all done (because I'm slow and did two programs).

I am so thrilled! I wondered where you went!

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Welcome back Spanked. Itried to look up a humorous Gif of a nurse being spanked just for you but whenI hit the search button my virgin eyes were assaulted with such smut I went temporarilyblind!


I went to RMU in Pittsburgh. As far as accepting other institutions clinical hours, a lot of these places are fussy about that I wish you luck. I'm glad the journey is done but I'm also glad I made it. I'm looking forward to this next stage of my career

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