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i have a 3.7 gpa and 90 on the HESI and I have been rejected from at least 5 schools..The lowest gpa they are taking are maybe 3.9.i just got a rejection yesterday,they took 30 students and had 200 applications

I live in Washington state and have applied all over the state. and want to know if it's this competitive everywhere.i dont know what to do

I had a 3.52 on my first degree but a 4.0 in pre-reqs and got into a top ten BSN school. Your GPA is competitive for many good schools.

Write a a better essay. Make the rest of you more competitive.

this is very interesting..i live in maryland and the one and only school that applied to accepted me witha gpa of 3.6 and we were required to score proficient or better on the teas and at least a 65 in the reading portion of the test. i scored a 76. my school received over 400 applications for only 47 slots for there evening/weekend program. i got in my first try.

That's crazy. 3.7 is an auto acceptance here in FL at the school I applied to.

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OP, does your school accept students based only on grades and test scores? My undergrad GPA was a 3.57, my prereq GPA was a 3.7, my Kaplan composite was 89, but I also have 9 years experience in the medical field, have lots of volunteer experience, and had great recommendations from health care providers. I was rejected from one school's accelerated program, but accepted into a traditional BSN program, which was better considering I have a family. Good luck with getting into the program that is right for you!

That's crazy. 3.7 is an auto acceptance here in FL at the school I applied to.

Gradius, do you mind if I ask which FL school you're referring to?

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Why not take some other classes to help boost your GPA? It sounds like the area where you are is just super competitive.

oh you got into Whatcom.Im on the waiting list for Whatcom,number 2. I started at praying I get in

Were you at the Orientation session last month?

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You may just have to chase your dreams and have faith. if you really want to be a nurse, you need to apply everywhere in the US (if you are not a parent). You have the grades and brains you just need to find the school. You WILL get into a nursing school, its just a matter of where, not when.

I agree with Dark star. Your GPA is definitely competitive in my opinion. I got into my BSN program with a 3.4 and scoring "Advanced" on the TEAS V. I think it really depends on the area you are in. Good luck OP!

I'd widen your net. I got in to nursing school with a cumulative 3.18 (3.9 in prerequisites, 2.8 in my first degree). 3.7 is a great GPA so if you can be flexible in where you go to school you should be able to get accepted at a great school.

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Does knowing how many people are going or trying to go into nursing make you at all hesitant as far as opportunites once you graduate? Just curious.

It really depends on the school. My sister applied to nursing school back in 2006 with a 4.0 GPA and CNA experience and was worried about getting in. But that was a more popular school. I'm applying next year (for the 2014 year) to 4 different ADN programs, retaking EVERY class I have taken to get my GPA as high as possible. I also have been a CNA for a year and a half and plan on starting the PCT training soon so hopefully that'll help me out getting accepted.

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